CGB PublishingCGB Publishing has over 30 years of experience in providing high quality business information, with a particularly strong focus on franchising. In addition to Australia & New Zealand, CGB has been a leading publisher of business publications and leisure magazines throughout the United Kingdom and Canada. Successful publications include Business Franchise Australia & New Zealand, UK Business Franchise, Canadian Business Franchise, Travel Canada, and Spa & Pool.

Business Franchise is a very successful bi-monthly glossy magazine, sold in newsagents across Australia and New Zealand. Franchisors and people within the franchising community subscribe to the magazine, but the target readership is new and prospective franchisees. In addition to exhibiting many different franchise systems via advertising and editorials, the magazine profiles different franchisors and franchisees each edition, to share their unique perspectives. The magazine also highlights various franchises available within a particular industry, in the regular main feature article. The sector types are pre-determined and have included food, retail, health & fitness, home & garden, and mobile franchises. Ten current news items are presented at the start of each edition, and the back is reserved for franchise and professional listings.

Each year CGB also publishes two annual franchising publications: the Franchise Guide is a book sold in bookstores across Australia and New Zealand; while the Franchise Directory is sold in Australian newsagencies. Contributing writers for all CGB's franchising publications include the FCA and other experts within the banking, finance, legal, real estate and business sectors. CGB's publications are also available via their website and iSubscribe.