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Welcome to our November/December 2017 edition of Business Franchise Australia and New Zealand, featuring the Health, Fitness and Beauty sector.

Health, fitness and beauty franchises are attractive businesses that are guaranteed to make you feel good, and this issue is jam packed with essential information about selecting and operating a successful franchise within these exciting growth areas.

Whether you simply want to join these booming industries for the financial returns or you enjoy a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit, then look no further than franchising to provide you with a multitude of exciting opportunities.

Our Front Cover showcases Hairhouse Warehouse. According to IBISWorld, in 2017 hairdressing and beauty services in Australia are worth a staggering $5 billion in revenue and have grown 2 per cent since 2012. Faced with strong competition in the space, Hairhouse Warehouse have decided to arm their franchisees with comprehensive workshops which ensure staff continue to improve their skills to meet customer needs and remain on top of current industry and fashion trends. Read more about this cutting-edge franchise opportunity on page 10.

Along with all this, we have many articles profiling a wide range of other exciting franchise offerings, the latest franchising news, industry leaders and an update from the FCA discussing the current happenings in the franchising arena.

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Joanne Tuffy