Business Franchise Magazine is a bi-monthly publication aimed at the potential Franchisee.

Why advertise with Business Franchise Magazine?

Since its inception, Business Franchise has empowered, educated and informed the potential franchisee, looking to buy their own successful franchise business. Worth an estimated $146 billion to the Australian economy and expected to grow to over $190 billion in 2019/2020. We understand the importance of the franchising industry and continue to share our experience and expertise to empower dedicated entrepreneurs.

Our electronic magazine versions (available via apple and android apps) offers flexibility for any advertiser to reach a niche market of potential franchisees via digital subscriptions in a downloadable format and is accessible on over 130 online distribution channels including popular sites such as Apple iTunes, Amazon, and issuu. On sale at all good newsagencies, Business Franchise is also available at all national franchising expos (CGB Publishing are Media Partners of Specialised events and members of FCA and IFA), libraries, banks, Chambers of Commerce and via postal (Australia Post) and digital subscription.

For information about advertising in Business Franchise please contact one of our Sales Executives or publisher on 07 5485 2704, via email at or by filling in the form below.

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