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Annual Franchise Directory

Are you looking for the most comprehensive, up-to-date list of all available franchise systems throughout Australia and New Zealand? Do you need information on the franchise industry from leading experts in the field? Then look no further. Browse through over 2000 categorised franchise systems and service providers that interest you. Produced by CGB Publishing, who also publish Business Franchise Australia & New Zealand, Business Franchisor, and the Franchise Guide, the Australian & New Zealand Franchise Directory has a wealth of experience behind it.
The Australian & New Zealand Franchise Directory also includes global franchise organisations along with helpful service providers to assist you with your franchise journey.

Business Franchise AUS & NZ Guide

Are you considering buying a franchise? What do you really need to know before you take the leap? The Australian & New Zealand Franchise Guide is a complete guide to the world of franchising. Each chapter in the book is authored by an industry expert. This comprehensive book leads you through all the steps necessary to fulfil your dreams of owning your own business. The Australian & New Zealand Franchise Guide can be utilised as a reference tool on specific topics, or read cover-to-cover to give you a sound knowledge base regarding what is involved in buying, owning and running a franchise.
Sold in major bookstores and now also available as a digital book. A must-have for the potential franchisee.