Getting a job in Australia is a fantastic way to develop new skills, integrate, and meet new people that will prove extremely beneficial when you apply for jobs in your country or elsewhere abroad.

Job-hunting in Australia can be a fierce competition, and there are often many hurdles and stages before you even get an interview. Our suggestions will help you present yourself in a good way and also demonstrate to your employer why you are the potential candidate for the role.

Here is our complete guide on how to find a job for yourself in Australia.

Step 1: Understand What Things You Required For a Job

  • Working Visa: Firstly, and most importantly, you will need to get a working visa, which allows you to travel and work around Australia.
  • TFN: Getting a Tax File Number is another important thing to do before you start working in Australia. Employees without TFN will get taxed, so it is really worth it to get a TFN before you start a job. Today you have the facility to apply for TFN Online. It takes less than a minute and is easy to apply.
  • Australian Bank Account: You need to open an Australian bank account in person or online. In this modern era, one can easily open a bank account as all banks facilitate their clients with online services.

Step 2: Understand Your Work Rights

For instance, you are on a student visa, you can work for up to forty hours per fortnight. As a student, you are not allowed to break this restriction; otherwise, you are at high risk of having your visa cancelled. Also, you need to know the maximum and minimum wages in Australia.

Step 3: Complete Your Research

Most of you overlook this point. Make sure you understand well what the company does and what the role entails. This will make your application form assemble and easier, and you feel comfortable and much better when it is time for the interview.

One another thing you need to remember is each application should be written according to the role you are applying for.

Step 4: Address and Read the Job Description Carefully

Do you know there are four main parts of any job description? Your job application should address the position you are applying for. Also, explain to an employer how you are perfect for this job using examples to illustrate your points.

Step 5: Create Cover Letter and Resume that Get the Attention

Your resume is an outline of your job history. When you come to make a cover letter make sure to use precise descriptions, keep relevant and to the point to the job. Format the layout to your own professional and unique style so that it won’t look like the other cover letters.

Step 6: After Submitting Your Application Prepare Yourself for the Interview

 Once you have applied now, it is time to put yourself in an employer’s shoes; he/she has to filter through unlimited applications. If you don’t get any response in two or three weeks after applications close, it is fine to make a polite inquiry.

If you got the interview call good enough. You may encounter a wide range of interview styles. From phone interviews to group interviews to casual lunches, the one crucial thing is to be positive, be prepared, and be yourself.