Juggling working in a printing factory and running a mattress cleaning business, Paul Kelly never imagined he’d become a professional coffee connoisseur, providing hot beverages across the suburb of Balcatta in Perth.

As a family man, ex-footballer and keen golfer, cycler and kayaker, it was a severe neck injury that meant Paul could no longer conduct the hard labour that working in the factory and his business required.

Paul spent two years recovering from his crippling injury, slowly gaining his core strength back, before he was able to return to work.

When on the market for a new profession, he heard of Cafe2U through a friend who is the franchise owner of the Wangara Cafe2U.

Paul’s return to the workforce only began a week ago, when he became the proud franchise owner of Cafe2U Balcatta.

“After two years out of the workforce, it is incredibly empowering to be working again. There was only so much more time I could spend on the couch watching sport. I can’t wait to see where franchising takes me.”

It was Cafe2U’s strong brand profile and professionalism that drew Paul in. While Cafe2U’s cost; available areas, moneymaking potential, mobility and the favourable aspect of no rent and staff cemented his choice.

New to the ropes of franchising, Paul said Cafe2U have provided him with guidance and support every step of the way.

“I chose to work in franchising with Cafe2U as I know they have successful systems in place to assist their franchisees.”

Paul said that franchising has brought back his energy and spirit that was lost while he was in his recovery period.

“My job now allows me to mingle with the public, be social and have a laugh while making them a hot beverage.”

Paul Kelly