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ChatGPT for Franchises: 4 Use Cases

ChatGPT was launched one year ago, and it broke records almost immediately. Now, it is one of the fastest-growing platforms on the internet, with over 170 million users. Many businesses have begun to use ChatGPT to automate tasks, improve research, and upgrade customer service.

Franchises shouldn’t be an exception since AI is used for more than just data. It can completely change marketing strategies, generate promotional materials and social media content for each franchise, and boost SEO ranking. So, if you want to make your franchise a success, now is the perfect time to ask yourself, “What is ChatGPT and why does it matter?”.


What is ChatGPT?

Created by OpenAI, ChatGPT was released in November 2022 and had one million users after only one week. Essentially, ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that uses machine learning and a Generative Pre-Trained Transformer to learn from large amounts of data, including texts, audio files, photos, etc.

Once a user provides input or asks ChatGPT a question, that sentence is broken into tokens that are understandable to ChatGPT. Asking follow-up questions will result in more detailed answers as ChatGPT receives more context about the information someone wants to learn. The quality of the answer depends on the input.

Remember that ChatGPT might not always be accurate and could generate false responses. It doesn’t cover recent events or anything happening in real-time. Additionally, learning what ChatGPT is will help you understand that AI won’t take your job but will only make you efficient. There is no need to be afraid of this advancement, and embracing it can benefit your business.


How can ChatGPT and AI help franchises?

AI is rapidly changing the world of digital marketing as many companies embrace technological advancements. ChatGPT or any generative AI can deliver unique images, texts, and other content in minutes, which makes this tool perfect for large-scale businesses. So, let’s examine look at how ChatGPT can help franchises:

1. Better SEO

Franchises usually have one main webpage and microsites for different locations. These microsites are connected to the franchise and should appear in local searches. Microsites often use the same content as the main webpage, and this can create problems in search engine ranking.

On the other hand, creating unique content for each franchise location is almost impossible, especially if you are dealing with hundreds of businesses across the globe. But ChatGPT can solve this problem quickly because this tool can deliver numerous unique texts that convey the same message. They should count towards the SEO ranking.


2. Improved social media marketing

Since franchises are essentially a group of local businesses in different locations, creating ads for each could be tiring. Even if each location has an employee in charge of social media, asking them to come up with unique ads is a bit too much. Social media marketing is one of the things that can be improved with artificial intelligence.

Becoming a part of the community and connecting with local customers is done through familiar information and images. It increases the success of an ad and will very likely lead to more locals being interested in a business when they see a well-known location.

Automation can do wonders for managing the social media for each franchise location without creating an extra cost for the company. When combined with artificial intelligence, automation can generate posts for each business location with accurate information. Therefore, customers can stay in the loop about sales and offers at the nearest business location.


3. Advanced research

Research is crucial for decision-making regardless of the business size, and franchises are no exception. When done correctly, research can lead to outstanding results because you’ll be making better decisions. ChatGPT can provide accurate and improved data, which is important for future development.

AI’s ability to analyze large quantities of information and deliver precise data gives you more time to focus on other tasks. Traditional data analysis is sometimes slow, and the results might not be as accurate as expected. As ChatGPT continues to grow and develop, chances are data analysis will become more accessible and user-friendly, so anyone will be able to conduct research.


4. Upgraded communication

ChatGPT-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can communicate with your customers differently. They are shopping assistants who are available at any time of the day and capable of providing accurate product recommendations after analyzing users’ past purchases. Around-the-clock assistance will result in customer loyalty since most shoppers appreciate the help, especially when it’s tailored to their needs.

Furthermore, ChatGPT can write email campaigns and newsletters for franchises. All it needs is a little guidance in terms of the general information you want to focus on and the tone of voice. Include as much detail as you want, and the results will be astonishing. Remember that ChatGPT can also help you write official emails for communicating with franchises, which is yet another everyday task you can remove from your to-do list.