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The Ella Baché story started in 1936 with revolutionary cosmetic chemist, Madame Baché, a modern woman who knew that improving the condition of a woman’s skin could not only improve her overall appearance, it could also unleash her inner radiance.

Madame Baché recognised that the standard way of diagnosing skin types by dry, oily or normal was over simplistic. Instead she moved skincare into a new era, where solutions were individually tailored based on the skin’s condition on a cellular level. This philosophy still underpins everything Ella Baché does today.

Ella Baché has become a uniquely Australian story thanks to the inspiration of Edith Hallas. Married to Madame Baché’s cousin, Edith brought Ella Baché to Australia in 1954, creating one of Australia’s most enduring and respected skincare companies.

Now in their third generation of family ownership, and sixty years since launching a small range of French products, they boast the country’s largest franchise network with their products and services available in over 156 salons nationwide and 35 David Jones stores.


Investing heavily in developing diagnostic tools that are the best on the market and using technologically advanced devices, including TrUView, exclusive to Ella Baché, beauty therapists see below the surface of every customer’s skin to identify skin conditions quickly and accurately. Potential problem areas are revealed so they can be treated long before they surface and become visible to the naked eye and each diagnosis is complemented by a treatment solution that addresses the specific needs of the skin.

Employing an Australian team of researchers to create products that cater for the needs of Australian skin and with a belief in natural ingredients and not testing on animals, their search for new skincare solutions is ongoing.


The beauty industry is ever changing and exciting, and the rewards are abundant. Helping customers glow with a newfound confidence is an endless thrill, and the opportunities to keep learning and developing are boundless. When you’re part of the  Ella Baché family, these rich benefits and opportunities are revealed in all their glory.

There’s no secret to the enduring success of Ella Baché. In essence, the brand reflects the traits Australians tend to value and admire most, like authenticity, curiosity, hard work and confidence. They’re also a family affair–taking care of each other. As a franchise owner, you can expect the ongoing support and training you need to create the vibrant new lifestyle you want. If you love all things beauty and skincare and you’re committed to continuous improvement, you’ll fit right in.

Ella Baché are leaders in skincare products, salons and education in Australia because they attract leaders. Their business has always been based on understanding and respecting individuals, which means they get the best out of their own people. Every person within the network is valued and recognised as being one of their most valuable assets and in order to stay competitive they need to stay at the cutting edge, and it’s their people who keep them there.

Most of the people who run Ella Baché franchises were clients who loved their experiences with them and jumped on board. While many are qualified beauty therapists, many are not. What unifies them is a belief in the philosophy, a readiness to learn,  and a desire to change their lifestyle.

Does that sound like you?

Franchise opportunities don’t come more nurturing than this. Ella Baché are in the business of providing women with a look, feel and experience that’s second-to-none, whether they’re customers or franchisees.


Your success is Ella Bache’s success, so you are provided with an array of market leading tools, resources and services to give you a boost wherever you need it.

1. Marketing Support

The Ella Baché brand is embedded in the Australian beauty landscape, it’s trusted, respected and well known. You receive comprehensive marketing support, including; top line brand awareness campaigns, social media toolkits, monthly promotional plans, localised marketing material, cooperative advertising and generous rebate programs.

2. Virtual Salon Website

Ella Baché is the first and only company to offer salons a new and exciting way to communicate with their customers. Virtual salons are personalised websites that allow customers to browse your menu of services, check out your special offers, book an appointment online and more. Owners are provided access to make live web updates, check user statistics and send e-newsletters directly to their subscribers list.

3. Media Centre

An easy to access online location for all franchisee services, online resources and business management tools, including manuals, advertising templates, image libraries, training videos and more.

4. Online Retailing

A rebate is provided to salon owners for online sales, with customers directed into salons post-purchase.

5. Recognition

Passion and hard work are prized at Ella Baché, who love to see beauty therapists, salon teams and salon owners glow with pride when they’re recognised for their outstanding achievements with incentives like international travel, training and bonuses.

The annual ‘Ella Awards’ is a glamorous event that applauds the performance of top salons and selects individuals in each state for their performance and commitment.

6. Business Benchmarking

The family oriented nature inspires salon owners across the network to share business and management intelligence, performance tips, best practice protocols and margin strategies to achieve greater returns. You have the opportunity to share your challenges with fellow salon owners, to learn how they’ve coped in similar circumstances and share your solutions to help your peers grow.

7. Annual Conference

Each year, salon owners are offered the opportunity to attend the conference which offers business tools to improve operational efficiency, ideas to inspire business development and opportunities for professional growth through networking.

8. Franchise Advisory Council

Communication is key to maintaining a healthy and constructive relationship with salon owners. The Franchise Advisory Council promotes open and two-way interaction, and actively seeks out ways to improve the transfer of information and promote all the support that’s available to you.

9. Training

One of the many benefits of owning an Ella Baché salon is the ongoing training that you and your team will receive. An energetic and expert team of field trainers are responsible for coaching and training your salon team so they deliver superior service and treatments. As a franchisee you will have access to regular in-salon training that focuses on your team’s individual training needs and, to keep your experienced beauty therapists engaged, they are also offered advanced skin seminars.

As a new salon owner, you will be provided with all the training support you need to prepare your team for a successful opening day and a vibrant future.

10. Education

The Ella Baché College of Skin & Beauty Therapy is among the most highly respected education providers of its kind in the world. 98 per cent of graduates find employment within the industry.

Therapists can gain qualifications and units of competence for new procedures and techniques through ongoing postgraduate training. It is also an invaluable asset to salon owners in fulfilling their salon staffing requirements.

With a state-of-the-art facility in the centre of Sydney and over 50 years of training and education, it’s the best place to learn to become a beauty therapist. The college is nationally and internationally accredited as a Registered Training Organisation  and it’s also an Educational Sponsor of the Advanced Association for Beauty Therapists (AABTH), the beauty industry’s premier professional beauty association. They even offer a distance education program called Stellar Learning, which allows pupils  to study off-campus and at their own pace.


When you join the Ella Baché family, you are provided with a dedicated Business Manager to give ongoing support and training, as well as business coaching, planning support and guidance on how to effectively market your salon.

Your targets will be easier to meet and your business will be easier to manage with their continued motivational support and advice, which includes in-salon business coaching; regular face-to-face business planning support; help to create and  implement marketing plans; in-salon sales training and advice on promotional activities and help to maintain high standards in customer service, presentation and practice standards with independent benchmarking.


The contemporary look and feel of the salons plays an important role in the perception Ella Baché customers have of the brand so, not only do they offer the ultimate in salon design, they also assist you to bring it to life at your site. From your  shopfront, to your waiting area and treatment rooms, you are guided through the salon design process so your appearance matches the superior experience awaiting the customer inside. With a recommended salon size of 85sqm, ideally consisting of  four cubicle treatment rooms, Ella Baché also ensure that your site is compliant with all Australian standards and regulations.

In-house design support is offered to assist with initial site measurements, preliminary concept and drawings with a unique and attractive conversion model in place for non-Ella Baché salon owners looking at joining this prestigious and profitable brand.


The Ella Baché approach is tried, tested and proven, and they’re eager to share it with you if you’re as committed to providing results driven skin care and beauty therapy as they are.

The path to becoming an Ella Baché salon owner is packed with considerations and decisions, and they’re with you all the way to answer questions and help you decide if salon ownership is right for you.

If you’re passionate about skin and interested in salon ownership, visit the website to learn more about franchising opportunities.