Start ahead of the game

For more than 25 years, Kwik Kerb have been the world leaders in domestic continuous concrete edging.

With a strong market share, it would be easy to sit back and enjoy the success and reap the rewards; however, Kwik Kerb is always one step ahead, offering the very best to its business owners and customers.

During the 1980’s various styles of plain and coloured kerbing were being produced by Kwik Kerb business owners. Kwik Kerb quickly began to innovate and develop new and previously untried processes which resulted in developing a one-day process  for stamped and patterned kerbing – the famous Eurostyle® range. Unmatched by any other – Eurostyle® is the premier concrete edging product in the world.

Kwik Kerb then added the brand new Eurobrick® range of kerbing, which creates an authentic brick and mortar appearance. Eurobrick® is currently the hottest kerbing product available and is even more profitable for Kwik Kerb business owners.

Kwik Kerb business owners start their new business already well ahead of the game. All kerbing equipment comes in a bright red specially designed trailer, which acts as mobile advertising. Just being seen driving around creates Kwik Kerb business.

A unique machine called the ‘Edgemaster’ is the cornerstone of this truly innovative business system.

The Edgemaster can extrude concrete edging on site at up to 60 metres per hour, with experienced Kwik Kerb operators able to install 100m or more in a day. This efficiency allows for an excellent earning potential for the business.

Combining the unique Edgemaster machine along with a complete business system containing all the equipment, promotional materials plus training, you benefit from using the unique and proven system, all designed to make you, the business  owner, successful from day one.


The comprehensive training course has been successfully developed over the last 25 years and ensures that new owners are ready to lay kerbing from the first day, meeting the high standards that customers expect from the Kwik Kerb name.

Some of the areas covered in the training include quoting, marketing and advertising techniques, hands-on operation of all machinery, service and maintenance of tools and machinery and presentation and customer service skills.

You are never on your own, head office is only ever a phone call away. Plus, you also have access to an online Operator Forum where you can get technical advice from other Kwik Kerbers around the world and access exclusive marketing and technical documents.

Kwik Kerb is a licensed business opportunity, not a franchise. What this means to the business owner, is that once the licence is purchased, the business is yours. There are no ongoing royalty fees and no restrictions on territories. You are free, without boundaries, to expand your business as you see fit and keep all the profits.

Since its inception, Kwik Kerb has grown to more than 300 business operators in Australia and all Kwik Kerb equipment is designed and manufactured here in Australia. This is then distributed internationally to the thousands of Kwik Kerb business owners established in countries around the world.

INTERESTED? Win your own Kwik Kerb business

Kwik Kerb are giving one lucky reader the opportunity to own and run their own business and achieve their own financial success, AT NO COST.

Marketing Manager, Alex Colls explains, “We are giving away, free of charge, a brand new fully equipped trailer, along with the same materials, training (plus accommodation if inter-state) and support that someone who purchases a Kwik Kerb business would receive.”

If this sounds like your dream business, make sure you enter the competition by the closing date of Friday 19th September.

To contact Kwik Kerb:
Phone: 1800 773 231