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Franchise of the Day – Ocean Master


With a history spanning 30 years, Oceanmaster, which is famous for fresh cooked fish and chips, has been a successful and highly rewarding franchising system.

Following the recent re-launch, which has revamped the entire look and feel of the business, Oceanmaster are set to cause a storm.

General Manager, Gerry Texeira explains more about how Oceanmaster allows you the flexibility to work ‘ON’ your business, rather than ‘IN’ it!

“One of the unique features of the rebranding is the ‘ARMS’ system (Active Remote Monitoring System). The ARMS system allows you to monitor your business, using remote cutting edge technology via a computerised integrated IT closed circuit system.

“Using up to 16 cameras within each store, you can see your shop and staff in ‘real time’ via your Smartphone or computer. So, as long as you have access to the internet, you can monitor your business at ARMS length… from anywhere in the world!”

“As well as acting as a security monitor, the ARMS’s system also records all transactions as they are made… in ‘real-time’ allowing you to maintain inventory control minute by minute.”

Head office also receive this data to assist and also create sales reports which is then sent to you via email, whilst comparing to historical data in order to identify any potential for increased profitability.

The Ocean Master franchisee

New franchisees must share the Oceanmaster vision, which focuses on constant improvement and solid positive growth. Any potential new franchisee will not only have an open and positive attitude, but also have a natural drive and be hungry for vast personal success.

You must be business minded and understand the concept of owning multistores (a minimum of three to start with).

Put simply, Oceanmaster are looking for individuals who recognise the difference between working ‘IN’ their business, rather than working ‘ON’ it.

Gerry adds, “Once your first store has been set up, Oceanmaster will assist in the funding and development of your additional stores, which will be expected to happen within the first 6 to 12 months.”

“Head Office manages the complete store setup right up until opening. This includes hiring of staff, on-going training, how to manage your stores remotely and more.”

“By following the plan of owning at least 3 to 4 stores, it can place you on target to comfortably achieve a six figure ‘net’ semi-passive income from your investment of approximately $350,000 – $450,000 per store.”

Freshly cooked

With all food cooked fresh to order, plus their unique two stage cooking process using their unique ‘Flash Seal’ method, Oceanmaster stands head and shoulders above the rest.

“With the first stage, the fish is dipped into higher temperature oil. This seals the batter around the piece of fish/seafood into a pocket so that when it’s dipped into the second oil, at a lower temperature it cooks the seafood in its own juices. So in effect, it’s being steamed inside in its own juices,” explains Gerry.

Along with fresh healthier alternatives added to the menu, like; salads, lean burgers, etc., Oceanmaster prides itself on continual improvement of their premium quality products which caters to all tastes.

‘ON’ it, not ‘IN’ it!

Working ‘IN’ your business does not allow you the time or the opportunity to stand back and really see what your business needs.

You’re just too busy being ‘hands-on’ to be able to attend to your business’ real needs. Instead, working ‘ON’ your business allows you to literally see what’s going ‘ON’, to make improvements required to maximise your business’ potential.

Via the ‘ARMS’ system and its support structure, Oceanmaster gives you the potential to reach your ultimate goal and achieve the business success you really want… which ultimately, is the reason for anysuch venture.

For further information contact:

Phone: 1300 OCEANMASTER (623266)