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Franchise of the Day – V.I.P. Home Services

Sinking his teeth into a new career

Working weekends and late evenings finally persuaded Mark Palmer to make a change.

Working as a National Purchasing Manager in the dental supplies industry, Mark longed to get his ‘teeth’ stuck into something else. Juggling a hectic and high pressured job with the demands of a family with five children left Mark with virtually no time for himself, let alone his family.

Mark’s first stage was chatting with V.I.P. Home Services, before spending the day with one of V.I.P.’s experienced home cleaning franchisees. This is a stage that all new franchisees have to go through before they make the decision if it is for them or not. The whole experience gives the person interested in a franchise business the chance to actually find out what life may be like as a franchisee. It was this hands on experience and the chance to talk directly with existing franchisees that really gave  Mark the confidence that this was the right choice for him.

One year on and Mark, and his family, couldn’t be happier.

Mark Palmer, V.I.P. Home Services franchisee

“Often I wouldn’t get home until after 8pm and would also go into work on a Sunday evening just so I could get a head start for the week ahead. I now feel like I have taken control of my life. I have time for me and time for the family,” explained Mark who has a V.I.P. home cleaning franchise.

One of the many aspects of the business Mark researched was the importance of the power of the brand, knowing that to get a head start in business you need to go with a company that has the professional image and expert backing.

“In my business having a brand behind you such as V.I.P. really is priceless. People know the brand and what’s more they trust it. But it is so much more than the brand – it is what’s behind it too. Even before I started I was fully supported. After my training I wasn’t just left alone. I take advantage of the ongoing training as I know that gives me the best chance of growing my business even further,” continued Mark.

Mark did his ‘homework’ on franchising and for him it was clear to see just why V.I.P. have won so many awards for their franchise system. Over the last 35 years they have helped over 4,000 people from all walks of life and from all over the country to become successful business people. Their training and mentoring is ongoing, franchisees can start with an established client base and the provided start-up kit gives you everything you need to get going. What’s more their affordable franchise options gives you access to a whole network of franchisees that can work together to help you grow.

With the help of V.I.P. Mark has quickly grown his business and had achieved his initial business goals before schedule.

“It’s been a great start to not only have a new career but also a new life really. I’m looking forward to developing the business further. With the help of V.I.P. I have set myself other business and personal goals and am now looking forward to the future rather than dreading the Monday mornings or Sunday evenings!”

If like Mark you would like to change your life and wish to start your own business call V.I.P. to see how they can help on:

Phone: 13 26 13