How one business owner’s decision to franchise her business led to enormous growth in less than 9 months.

      Natasha Morgan, Founder of My Home Watch

I worked for a wealthy business tycoon and his family for 8 years. I travelled weekly from state to state and my role encompassed daily coordination of gardeners, pool cleaners, maintenance, security, cleaning professionals and overseeing the daily running of well over 15 Million Dollars in properties.

When it finally came to my first family holiday, the struggle to find someone to come and check on our home, it’s security and condition, collect our mail, water our plants, lawns and landscaping, and make sure everything was fine was a huge problem.

My Mum lives 40 minutes away and it wasn’t at all convenient for her and we had past bad experiences with house sitters previously. This lead me to think, how many other people struggle with this problem which led to my big idea.

At the time, I wished I could have cloned myself from all my years of experience and realised how many Australians could benefit greatly from a professional service.

My Home Watch was launched nationally in April 2017. We also realised that approx. 80% of home owners own a pet which is why we decided to add our in–home pet visit service to our business model. This turned out to be a great business decision.

Home and pet ownership services when one goes away often go hand in hand.

We provide home checks, a garden watering service, grocery service, services to suit the elderly and the coordination of other household services. This means that our business model did not only have to be for people travelling. Our services suit the real-estate market, Airbnb, holiday home and investment markets as well.

After being operational in South Australia and having experienced first-hand how happy our customers were, after seeking advice, I decided to franchise and launched nationally.

Deciding to franchise was a big decision. After realising how popular our services were becoming and the growth in the outsourcing sectors had become, being able to give Australians the opportunity to start their own business, through providing training in this new and exciting industry and help with employment in our country was my main reason for franchising.

Through this it has allowed us to grow organically within Australia and sets us up for possible growth and expansion into the overseas markets in the future.

Finding the right Franchise legal team and one with great advisory support was how we implemented our Franchise model. It’s a long process and one that takes 110% of you to complete.

2018, is a year about expansion and growth for My Home Watch. The recruitment and education of more Franchise Partners across Australia, in our new industry. Continuing our Franchise Partner support. Strong customer focus, with 100% customer service satisfaction and ultimately building strategic partnerships with the travel, real estate, insurance, pet care and other aligning industries is where our focus will lie. My Home Watch is the leading Home Watch company in Australia, we are about to be in 4 states across the country this includes, SA, NSW, Regional NSW, VIC and WA and pride ourselves on being trained, trusted, licenced and insured professionals.

Dave & Kirsty, Franchisees, Orange