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Harrison hits the road

Harrison Kaissis never likes to stay in the one place for too long.

Harrison KaissisThe Maroubra local initially used hospitality to supplement his work within the health industry before eventually taking a full time job managing a café near his home.

In 2013, he made a career move in more ways than one after investing in a Cafe2U mobile coffee franchise.

He now spends his days driving around Waterloo, serving his many customers. Mr Kaissis said he is definitely more suited to being on the road.

“I love the outdoors and being able to go to different places every day,” he said. “There are not many other jobs where you go from spending time at a corporate head office to hanging out at a panel beaters within the space of an afternoon. There is a lot of variety which is what I like about it.”

It was Harrison’s girlfriend at the time who originally suggested the mobile coffee market. He said being a franchise partner has more than met his expectations since he first signed on in February 2013.

“I was looking at new business opportunities within the mobile coffee market when I came across Cafe2U,” he said. “They seemed really well set up and looked like the kind of business that was best suited to me.”

His extensive experience within the hospitality industry means Mr Kaissis knows the value of customer satisfaction.

While he admitted there are differences to the customer experience compared to his previous post, he said listening to what they have to say about the coffee is his favourite part of the job.

“The nature of the business means you spend less time with them than you would if they came and sat down at a café ,” he said. “They still give you feedback about the coffee though, and most of them are pretty positive in what they say which is nice.”

As a franchise partner, Mr Kaissis not only gets to make the decisions that directly affect him but also joins a team of other franchise partners who service nearby districts.

He said the flexibility that Cafe2U provides is part of its appeal as a franchise company.

“You can work by yourself if you want or you can take someone with you so it really is up to you,” he said. “Even if you are working independently, you still have a strong support network behind you. There is usually someone nearby you can call to help you out.”