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How to Increase Employee Productivity in the Workplace

In many ways, investing in a franchise is an effective method of negating some of the risks that are inherent in running a business. The business model is already proven, which is a huge step in the right direction, and you are given everything you need to create goods and services you know customers want. However, one thing the franchise model can’t help you with is the productivity of your staff.

Just like any business, the productivity of your employees is essential to keeping your franchise alive and preferably thriving. But when things get laboured, you need to be aware of the proven strategies you can take to get things running smoothly once again.

1. Invest in training

Talented employees tend to be ambitious and will only be prepared to stand still in their careers for a limited amount of time. Once they’ve been hired, ongoing training is crucial to keeping them happy, motivated and productive. If they are left to stagnate then workers will quickly become demotivated and their productivity levels will fall.

2. Understand your employees’ skills

Having a firm grasp of your employees’ skills and behavioural styles can play an important part in increasing productivity and helping them to perform at their best. It is not unusual for business owners to go to the same trusted employee for every important task they have. But no employee is good at everything. While your extroverted, creative thinker might be the perfect choice for client meetings, a quieter, more thoughtful employee might be a better choice for a rule-intensive, detail-orientated task.

Before assigning any task, always ask yourself whether a particular employee is the right person for the job. If not, use someone with skills and a working style that’s a much better match.

3. Back off!

When your livelihood rests on the success of your franchise, the risk is that you micro-manage employees and never let them take responsibility for important tasks.

Encouraging individuals to manage their own time and resources will reveal which employees are self-starters who prefer to operate independently instead of being controlled. Employees that rise to the challenge are the keepers. It might sound counterintuitive, but managing less will usually generate better results.

4. Give them the tools to succeed

Not everyone is a technology expert and thank goodness for that, but refusing to explore the new hardware, software and equipment which could give your business the edge is a grave mistake. Even simple tools that allow employees to work on the move can break down barriers to productivity. Mobile devices that give employees access to documents and information, as well as communication and collaboration tools, can be a cost-effective step to take.

If you want to try before you buy, hire equipment to test whether it is right for your franchise. There may also be certain equipment that you only need on a temporary basis, so by renting technology you can also give employees the tools they need without forking out too much in the process. One resource for this is Hire Intelligence tech rental.

Running a franchise is undoubtedly a complex process, but giving employees the skills, tools and freedom they need to succeed is a simple way to boost productivity in the workplace.