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Michelle makes the move to mobile franchising

Having worked for the local council for 15 years, Michelle Tuyau was more than ready for a career change.

Michelle Tuyau, Cafe2U Franchisee

She first heard of Cafe2U and its advantages when her cousin Joanne and her husband Andrew bought a van to service the suburb of Botany. It was through word-of-mouth they had decided to pursue Cafe2U as well.

Prior to purchasing her franchise, Michelle flew to Sydney to go on a coffee run with Joanne and Andrew in their Cafe2U van to see if it was for her.

Having enjoyed it from day one, she went on to purchase the Cafe2U franchise for Williamstown in May 2014.

“I saw how much Joanne was enjoying her new career and could see the success her business was bringing her, which is why I initially decided to query the brand.”

“Cafe2U gives me the freedom of owning my own business and also being my own boss. Ultimately, it allows me to be more flexible with my time, especially where my children are involved.”

Having spent over a decade in a desk job, the freedom of being outdoors, even if it was raining, was another major positive for Michelle.

“I believe anyone can make the same career move that I did, it takes hard work, perseverance and dedication, but the end result has been so rewarding.”

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