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Moira Kelly Receives a Warm Embrace from Coldplay

Moira Kelly and Coldplay's Chris MartinLa Porchetta is delighted that renowned humanitarian and national treasure, Moira Kelly was this month presented with the inaugural Love Button Global Movement Imagine Award by rock superstar and lead singer of Coldplay, Chris Martin.

Moira Kelly’s Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation (MKCHF) is the focus of La Porchetta’s corporate philanthropy. While the Foundation was formed this year, the company has been supporting Moira’s work for over a decade. See more about the MKCHF on their website.

The Love Button Global Movement seeks to empower people to transform their communities through loving acts of kindness. Chris Martin is an ambassador for the movement.

Moira Kelly had no idea she would be presented with the award. It was a complete surprise. She was taken to the band’s dressing room for a pre-concert gathering where it was presented to her. She received a framed plaque engraved with the lyrics to Imagine by John Lennon and decorated with Love Buttons. The Love Button Global Movement Imagine Award is awarded to those who wholly and genuinely embody the lyrics of the song.

Moira was again surprised when her son Emmanuel Kelly, also an ambassador for the movement, performed John Lennon’s Imagine at the concert.