Digitalization is changing the way we all do business today, and it is such an exciting thing. The options are endless, but the advancements in technology are also a cybersecurity risk. Since work migrated to the online world, cybercriminals know they can use that against almost every company.


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How does HR fit into this picture? HR handles valuable data every day, and there is nothing more attractive to hackers than confidential information. Phishing attacks and other cybersecurity threats are familiar things within this department.

HR needs to work on their cybersecurity. But the best part is they can educate the rest of the employees about online safety and potential cyber crimes they could be facing down the line.

So let’s dive in and see how HR can prevent cybercrime!

HR and cybercrime

Job hunting is now mostly done online. Businesses of all sizes use social media and other websites to get the word out about job openings. Similarly, the process of recruitment and hiring is online, thanks to the global pandemic.

The HR teams are in charge of recruitment. They use various platforms that make this task a lot easier for everyone – from interviewing potential candidates and sending them surveys to reading through hundreds of CVs. Having an IT department to take care of cybersecurity is a must, but that is sometimes not enough. Every HR team member needs to be careful when opening attachments and files.

The HR departments should also follow cybersecurity trends and learn as much as possible about online safety. Joining forces with the IT department is the way to go. They should teach the basics and point out those small cybersecurity mistakes the HR might be making at the moment.

For instance, the IT department could turn your network into a fortress and keep it protected. But if any member of the HR department is working remotely, they have to deal with cybersecurity on their own. Encryption could play a huge role here.

The importance of encryption

The HR department sends hundreds of emails every single day, and having those messages encrypted is crucial. Apps like a VPN are becoming essential for many businesses around the globe right now. They encrypt any traffic from a computer, not only emails.

There are several excellent VPN services anyone could try out. You can start by doing quick research. User comments could be pretty handy when looking for new software to install. Start by reading articles such as NordVPN review. Of course, don’t stop at only NordVPN reviews but compare it with other apps and services. It is the best way to see if a VPN will work for you and your business.

How can HR prevent cybercrime?

This department is constantly in touch with employees, and they are the perfect choice for preventing cybercrime, regardless of a company’s size. The IT department could handle a security breach. But keep in mind that the goal here is not to let it happen in the first place. And this is how:

Tech-savvy employees

Promoting the proper security practices is the first step to preventing cybercrime. Every single employee needs to be on the same page when it comes to online threats. Therefore, the HR department should organize the training.

This department can create a quick survey to find out which employees are not as knowledgeable about cyber threats as they should be. It could give them a clear picture of the overall situation within a company.

Since cybercrime is constantly evolving and there are new threats daily, keeping everyone updated is critical in stopping a security breach before it happens. Frequent workshops and training are a great idea in this situation.

Handling the information

Every HR team is in charge of sensitive information. This data shouldn’t be available to third parties. It includes the former employees. The team needs to close their accounts as soon as they leave a company.

Even though it is not as common as ransomware, phishing, and other online threats, former employees sometimes steal confidential information from their previous workplaces by using their old login credentials. Handling these accounts as soon as possible should be a top priority.

Security assessments

Having a solid cybersecurity plan is a must, but you need to assess it now and then. It might help identify what is working and what is not. We have already mentioned that hackers keep finding new ways of creating a data breach. Updating the plan when necessary is highly recommended.

Security assessments can be an opportunity to add more to the response plan. Every business should have one, no matter how good their cybersecurity is. Data breaches and other cybercrimes are impossible to predict. The IT department could be of assistance here, so plan the security assessment with them.