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Service Provider of the Day – IP Solutions

Do you value your customers and the importance of your brand?

Trust is possibly the single most important element of successful selling. A breach of trust will cost you clients, cash flow and brand integrity. If your franchisees transmit information such as credit card payments and commercially sensitive data, then  the need for trust has just escalated, and so has the risk of a data breach.

As Australian companies embrace new technologies, businesses need to focus on processes, policies and technologies that improve their ability to protect their business networks and sensitive customer information.

The business costs associated with data breaches, fraud and malware can be significant; often resulting in direct costs such as lost customers, lost revenue, fines and the indirect costs associated with service interruption and brand damage. As always prevention is better than cure.

What can franchisors do to protect their franchise community?

IP Solutions provide MerchantSecure to help you safeguard your most important assets while reducing the costs associated with security compliance (PCI DSS). As a result, you can tell your franchisees how robustly their businesses are protected, ensuring they are protected at all times.

MerchantSecure is a fully-managed network security and compliance service, allowing franchisees to focus their attention on their day to-day business operations. Essential services provided by MerchantSecure include a Cloud based Central Management System (CMS), Guardian Content Filtering, Automatic Software Updates, Detailed Usage Reporting, Fraud/skimming alerts, Status Alerts, Wireless Internet, Level 1 PCI DSS Certification, Easy VPNs and 3G Failover should a franchisees fixed line network go down.

“The VPNs are valuable on their own – they’re easy to set up with just a few clicks. Head office now has total visibility of transaction volume and sales. The system was plug and play. With all devices preconfigured, we just had to plug them in on-site, and they were all set.” IT Manager, Star Metro

Easily deployed enterprise level security at cost effective rates

The service won the 2012 UK Security Innovation of the Year Award and was the first networking service in the world to achieve Level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance. The solution is unique as it offers enterprise grade security at a commercially attractive price for small to medium sized businesses.

MerchantSecure is able to secure, protect, and enhance productivity within franchisee operations while reducing franchisor operating costs.

“Using a secure connection over the internet rather than fixed links has reduced network costs to small sites by approximately 75 per cent.” IT Service Owner, Fonterra

It is a cloud based management service with an onsite security appliance that locks down the point of sale (POS) and segregates payment traffic from all other corporate IT data. It incorporates a firewall service that detects and blocks internal and external network intrusions or rogue devices being plugged into the network, thereby reducing exposure to skimming and fraudulent attacks.

The MerchantSecure service is particularly well-suited to the demands of working across multiple geographies and ISP locations, as all its network appliances are managed and configured using a Central Management System (CMS) accessed through a browser interface. For franchisors this provides complete visibility and control of their network connections and activity from anywhere through a secure website. With anytime, anywhere access, the service offers real-time management, reporting and proactive security in one solution. It is designed to secure a franchisors network and their sensitive data while reducing operating costs and risks.

Despite a growing awareness of the significant rise in and financial impact of data breaches, Australian businesses continue to focus their efforts on mitigating the damage once a breach has occurred, rather than prevention. MerchantSecure is the ideal preventative measure to ensure data security and PCI compliance while reducing operating costs at the same time.

IP Solutions expertise in payments processing and customer data protection in the telecommunications, franchise and retail sectors means we understand the costs and complexities associated with securing a merchants business.

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