Making workplace health and safety pain free for franchise groups and their franchisees.

“Unlike our competitors, we have the flexibility to be able to offer franchise groups the economies of scale they are used to in delivering the highest quality, lowest cost technology to allow work health and safety to be managed easily and without a commitment of resources by the franchisor.”

With over 3,000 Australian workplaces using its simple but state of the art work health and safety system technology, and another year of working with Australia’s leading franchise groups as clients, Smart OHS is quickly being recognised as the leader in franchise work health and safety.

“Simplify. Engage. Comply. Those three words sum up perfectly who we are and we do with respect to work health and safety for our clients,” said National Sales Director, Michael Kim.

“There are so many misconceptions surrounding the concept of work health and safety (WHS/OHS). One of them is that the creation of some documents such as procedures manuals and standard checklists means you’re ‘covered’. It certainly does not. Another misconception is that work health and safety will mean a considerable commitment in financial cost and time. Smart OHS is about expunging those common myths,” said Michael.

Smart OHS started nine years ago with the founders, OHS consultants, finding that for the most part, small businesses neither had the time nor money to engage the services of a consultant to implement a health and safety management system.

Smart OHS was built as an online system to make ongoing work health and safety compliance much easier and far more cost effective for small business.

Smart OHS works by creating the business a WHSMS Plan, linked to a series of ongoing instructions for the business to login to their ‘Member Area’ within the system and use the online forms to records such items as: workplace inspections, hazardous substance registers and inductions. Businesses only need to login to the system after they’ve received an email reminder to do so and can track their performance over time via a ‘Risk Rating’ score. For most small businesses, after the initial 30-minute phone call set up with a Systems Administrator, undertaking the ongoing tasks is about 15 minutes per week of work only.

“We’ve spent the last nine years evolving our system in response to the feedback of our clients to the stage where we are undoubtedly now the leader in what we do,” said Michael Kim.

“In the past two years in particular, we’ve been inundated with enquiries from franchise groups, who are essentially a large collection of small businesses with a common goal and product. The franchisor recognises a responsibility to provide a safe system of work and want to implement that hassle free. The franchisees understand they too have obligations, but want the solution to be endorsed and rolled out by the franchisor. That’s where we come in.”

Michael Kim came aboard on 2011 with a brief to focus on working with franchise groups, much of the time offering the product as a managed service to alleviate the need for a commitment of resources from head office.

In the past year alone, business growth has been exponential; Smart OHS has signed an ASX listed organisation with 135 locations, Australia’s second largest franchise group, and a community organisation specialising in aid projects, disaster relief  and with a retail component of Op Shops.

“Simplify. Engage. Comply. It’s what we help franchise groups do,” said Michael Kim.

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