The beloved game of golf has been increasing in popularity globally in the past few years. A study by the R&A and Sports Marketing Surveys (SMS) showed that since 2016, well over five and a half million people have started playing the sport. Currently, around 66,000,000 are enthusiastically indulging in the game of golf.


These favorable figures indicate a positive trend in the world of golf. In the eyes of an entrepreneur, these numbers are more than enough to prove that businesses surrounding the sport are feasible and profitable.


Because Australia has a notable reputation for golf, any entrepreneurial endeavors regarding the sport need to stand out.


Indoor Golf Hubs


Instead of adding to the countless competition of golf courses across the country, catering to a different aspect of golf will prove to be a smart business decision. You will have a clear edge over other golf services by opting for an indoor golf hub when starting a golf-related business.


The hassle-free facilities and endless courses to choose from offer golfers a different and more enhanced experience. Although people can have a home golf sim setup of their own, it’s rare for residential facilities to match the tech that commercial indoor golf hubs provide.


The main goal, however, is the same: it allows golf enthusiasts to get their game even in inclement weather, whereas outdoor courses would have to close in the slightest environmental inconvenience.


Things You Need To Open An Indoor Golf Hub In Australia


Like any other worthy business pursuit, opening an indoor golf hub in Australia requires a hefty investment and tedious preparation. To gauge its operational costs, a commercial indoor golf hub can set you back about a minimum of 20,000 AUD to around 90,000 AUD, depending on the quality of the assets. While it has a significant amount of upfront expenses, hundreds of thousands of revenues are to be expected from successful implementation and maintenance of the business.


Here are the things you need to open an indoor golf hub in Australia.


Golf Simulators and Equipment


Prepare an additional budget of 1,000 AUD to 100,000 AUD for golf simulators alone when starting an indoor golf hub business. Take into consideration the need for other equipment as well. These include the following:

  • Golf mats
  • Safety screens
  • Accessories
  • Refreshments for the players (optional)


A smart move would be to make connections and business relationships with partners and suppliers for smoother operations.


Prime Location and Legal Necessities


Another quintessential aspect of an indoor golf hub is its location. Ensure to find an area that is spacious enough to accommodate your equipment and will best fit your business’s theme. Have it accessible and visible to a wide range of people as well.


As you acquire the prime location for your business, ensure the proper completion of its requirements and legalities, such as a business permit. Australian authorities are no joke, and it is best to establish your indoor golf hub with a legal foundation.


Services And Promotions


Finally, complete the business model by deciding on the products and services to be offered and their respective price ranges. Once that is all established, reach out to your target market and promote the golf hub with ads and endorsements. Then, wait for your Australian golf hub to take off and reap the benefits.