When competing against larger organisations, smaller businesses often feel the need to work twice as hard just to keep up. However, what small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) lack in size, they make up for in agility, adaptability, and flexibility, according to Concur.

Murray Warner, business development director, Concur said, “SMBs can implement change quickly because they don’t tend to have long approval processes or multiple layers to cut through. This means SMBs can potentially improve their competitive edge by adopting new technology that lets them leap ahead of the competition. Mobile business solutions are a key example of this; going mobile can help SMBs operate more effectively and compete more efficiently, even with larger competitors.”

Concur has identified three ways SMBs can benefit from mobile business solutions:

1. Improved productivity, and recruitment and retention
A recent report by the SMB Group, From Manual to Mobile: Speeding Business Success for SMBs (1), a survey of small businesses found that 67 per cent of SMBs agree that mobile solutions are changing how they work and collaborate for the better. The top benefits from mobile solutions include improved employee productivity, access to people and information, and time savings (2).

Beyond business process benefits, mobility positively affects SMBs’ employee recruitment and retention. The ability to work from anywhere opens up the talent pool, creating access to further talent and opportunities.

 2. Empowered employees
As mobile technology gains momentum, so do the capabilities of various applications. SMBs are using more than just the standard productivity and collaboration apps for their mobile business solutions. They are using apps to manage everything from CRM to spend management.

Two examples of powerful spend management solutions are Concur Expense and Concur Invoice. These applications let SMBs track employee expenses, and review and approve invoices in real time. Since Concur uses cloud technology, information is transparent and accessible by any team member with access.

 3. Powerful mobile business solutions
Choosing the correct mobile business solution starts with reviewing current business processes. From there, SMBs can determine which practices can be improved by replacing them with mobile business solutions. Automation can dramatically reduce errors, while providing more security than is available in a paper-based processing environment. Automation saves organisations considerable staff resources and time. Mobile and cloud-based software can help re-tool or even eliminate processes altogether.

Murray Warner said, “Not only are businesses reaping the benefits of a mobile business solution, they are also feeling the impact of time and cost savings thanks to efficient automated software. As employees continue to demand more flexibility, integrating mobile solutions in a thoughtful way lets SMBs and their employees better prepare for the workplace of the future.”


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