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Tips For Providing Best Customer Service As The Business Owner

Customer service can be hard-to-handle at times, and if you are part of the customer service sector, you must already know how tricky it can turn out to be, so to make it further easier for you, I am here with a few tips for your professional life. Interacting in real-time with your clients can be nerve-wracking. The pressure to say everything right, proudly represent your company, and have all the answers can make you jittery. Here are a few tips that will show you how to answer customer service calls like a pro.

1)    Answer With A Highly Professional Tone

Start by drafting a professional greeting that introduces yourself and your company in a very firm and calm manner. It can sound like this: “Hello, good (morning/ afternoon/ evening)! Thank you for contacting _____, my name is _____.” Continue by asking your customer how you can be of assistance or maybe how you can help them. This will show them that you are happy and ready to initiate the call. Finally, throughout the conversation, continue to display this professional tone by speaking clearly and at a moderate pace.

2)    Messages On Hold

Messages on hold are very uncommon ways of customer service, something we are widely unaware of. We should provide this to our customers as do you know that 70% of callers are placed on hold and that 60% of those placed on hold hang up within just 45 seconds? Ever thought, why is that so? This is because they simply do not want to get bored while waiting, and hence, this is exactly why you should provide your customer with this service.

This will keep your customer entertained all this time when they will be waiting for you if you are busy dealing with some other customers. Moreover, you can professionally record customized on-hold messages that fit your business and your customers, and you can also add music.

3)    Use Common Terminology

As a rule of thumb, avoid using jargon or technical terms. Instead, opt for common terms that everyone easily understands. Being able to easily follow you will reassure your customers that you know what you are talking about. And maybe, more importantly, it will show them that they will be able to get clear answers from you. This is one of the most useful tactics for all business owners.

4)    Start And End The Call With Enthusiasm

Suppose you’re struggling to keep up your enthusiasm throughout the call, smile. Smiling is said to give you a happier and more relaxed attitude as it’s impossible to be upset or angry with a grin on your face. Bringing some sunshine into the conversation will inspire your customer to have an overall positive experience and will also make your time on the phone feel like a breeze. Positivity is also crucial for maintaining a productive conversation and keeping your cool even when bombarded with complaints – especially if you’re dealing with difficult customers.