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Trading barbells for black gold

Personal trainers Ken and Jeny fit for career change

Ken Tran and Jeny Sony do everything together. They fell in love, and worked as personal trainers at the same gym.

Jeny Song & Ken Tran - Cafe2U FranchiseesNow they’re polishing their portafilters for their next significant partnership- serving award-winning coffee from the world’s biggest mobile coffee franchise, Cafe2U, to customers in the Rosebery area.

Retiring their crosstrainers in a professional capacity, the pair desperately sought some career security to while still engaging with people in a feel-good way.

“We wanted a career that we really loved, but where we could see some parallels to personal training – this was of the upmost importance. We believe we’ve found the perfect job for us  – meeting new people, being apart of a favourite daily ritual and being outdoors,” Ken explained.

“We didn’t want to go to work from 9-5 and be there simply for the money. Sitting in an office like a zombie has never been appealing to us.”

Jeny said the volatile nature of personal training played a role in their investment.

“The thing with personal training is it’s a luxury rather than a necessity.  With coffee, it’s recession proof – black gold. People love coffee and they’re always happy to part with a few dollars for a good quality one. That stability brings a lot of confidence to us as franchisees.  And we brighten people’s day” she said.

The couple is enjoying working together in their new environment, relishing the opportunity to meet new people every day. While the job is full of challenges, it’s rewarding.

“We are loving every minute of our work with Cafe2U and we feel we’ve finally arrived in the job that is right for us. We want to work hard and keep our customers happy. We’ve had so much support along the way, and to work as our own bosses while being in our mid 20’s is the dream scenario,” Ken said.

When Ken and Jeny aren’t at work, they love going on nature walks with their dog. Animal advocacy is a point of passion for the couple and they are excited to fundraise in this area when they are settled into the business.

“We will absolutely be exploring fundraising options for animal well being, and are excited to bond with our customers, as well as their pets!”

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