Making major business decisions on where to locate your new stores? As QSR’s or many other franchise businesses, the vehicle traffic data past your proposed site should be one of the major Drivers of your business, and how can you measure this?

Whether you are a petrol station, drive in liquor store, convenience store, fast food (with drive thru) or many others, one of the first major Drivers of your business must be traffic. Traffic lets people come to your store, and it lets people see you are there – exposure.

The traditional way has been to try and get reasonable traffic counts from council or local government, or if all else fails, contact a traffic counting company – or count it yourself. Any of the above can give you issues and expenses, often resulting in old or inaccurate data.

Demo Map around Prahran in MelbourneOne way of doing it is to work with a company who has Traffic Estimates – a result of complex modelling combining with actual data when and where available. The information does tend to be far more consistent, and fills in many of the gaps, as well as bringing the traffic estimate up to being as current as possible.

This is the first time in Australia you can readily access consistent traffic information from one source. The website allows you to look at roads in all major capital cities and many large towns.

So far this data has been licenced to Shell, BP, 7-Eleven, Coles, Puma Petroleum, Telstra and Caltex, and is now available to all companies via the Zenith traffic website.

To see more about Zenith Traffic, you can watch 2 short YouTube videos here.