Most businesses understand the importance of training employees adequately to manage health and safety issues, provide excellent customer service, and deliver better business performance. The challenge lies in finding a balance between providing employees with the training they need, and ensuring productivity on the job. The answer may be found in a new trend: microlearning.

Microlearning delivers content to employees in short, specific bursts, and are usually completed in four minutes or less. (1)

Rob van Es, COO, REFFIND, said, “ANZ businesses are focusing on staff learning and development to become more agile, competitive, and attentive.”

“For example, research shows that successful businesses are 43 per cent more likely to use customer feedback to determine employee learning needs and priorities. And companies that provide microlearning are 30 per cent more likely to improve customer satisfaction scores year-on-year.” (2)

“Mobile platforms are ideal to maximise the impact of microlearning. Enabling staff to use their mobile device to consume training information also increases the chances they’ll review and retain training materials, simply because they’re so easy to access and take so little time out of the employee’s workday. This acceptance and retention of training becomes particularly important when it comes to workplace health and safety, and legal compliance training.”

A mobile platform like REFFIND Educate lets companies deliver key training, safety, and product information to staff in a timely manner, regardless of their work hours or location. Using the principles of microlearning, REFFIND delivers short, instructional bursts of content via a mobile platform, quickly commanding attention, facilitating learning, and generating retention.

Neil Perry’s Burger Project leverages faster training

When Neil Perry and his fellow Rockpool directors created Burger Project, a new range of fast-casual burger outlets, they needed to provide food hygiene and kitchen-safety training to employees across multiple stores with varied work hours. They quickly realised the need for a mobile platform that could deliver training and information to their employees anywhere and at any time. The training also needed to appeal to the large proportion of tech-savvy millennials in their workforce who are used to instantaneous communication, flexibility, and connectedness.

The Burger Project team chose the REFFIND Educate platform, which aims to provide organisations with high levels of staff engagement, training, and improved safety practices in a fun and accessible way. The Burger Project team will use it to distribute short-form training videos on basic food-handling skills, workplace safety, manual handling practices, customer service, training, and supervising. New hires will conduct their initial training via their smartphone and will be prompted to complete a follow-up quiz to ensure they understand the key training messages.

Rob van Es said, “REFFIND Educate is ideal for multiple sectors, including transport and logistics. The platform can be used to deliver training on best transport practices, including reminders for drivers to rest and eat properly, manual handling protocol, changes to company policies, compliance requirements, and new products. It can also connect employees across multiple locations and build camaraderie. Engaging, mobile-based learning empowers staff to work in a more efficient and supported manner, anywhere, anytime.”

Burger Project


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