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Are Your Licence Agreements Protecting You?

In the context of franchising, there are a few different licence arrangements that are created and entered. Most commonly licences are used in regard to the use of Intellectual Property (IP) and distribution agreements with suppliers. For the purposes of this article, the discussion is limited to IP licence arrangements, where it is noted that recent legal updates need to be considered so that you don’t end up in a situation where your licence is more of a hindrance to your business, as opposed to a protection.

Nina Rossi

DC Strategy Lawyers

Nina Rossi is a commercial and intellectual property lawyer admitted to the Supreme Court of New South Wales. She has completed Bachelor Degrees in Arts (Linguistics and History) and Law, along with a Masters in Management from the University of Sydney. Nina began her career working as a Trade Mark Examiner at IP Australia, later moving on to private practice and serving clients across industries, including fashion, IT, not for profit, food product manufacturing/distribution and food services. Nina has otherwise worked over the past 8 years in commercial and corporate advice and contract drafting, litigation, intellectual property registrations, advice and disputes and insolvency matters. Nina is keen to work with clients to grow their franchise and/or business and help achieve their goals.