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Aspects of Franchising in Relation to New Zealand

New Zealand is an exciting and fast developing market in relation to franchising.  Considering that the population of New Zealand is about 5.12 million and there are over 590 systems, there is one system for every 8,690 people which is very high in my opinion.  Why?  The answer is because New Zealanders love brands and businesses which succeed and franchising offers people a chance to leave the security of employment and purchase a franchised business which should succeed provided the system is followed.

Stewart Germann

Franchising Lawyer in Auckland, New Zealand


Stewart Germann founded Stewart Germann Law Office (SGL) in 1993 as a boutique law firm at Auckland, New Zealand, specialising in franchising, licensing and business law. Stewart has over 40 years’ experience in franchising law and acts for franchisors in New Zealand, Australia, USA and the UK. SGL also act for franchisees and provides legal advice. Stewart has spoken at franchising conferences in New Zealand, Australia, Italy, South Korea and USA and he was on the Board of the Supplier Forum of the International Franchise Association (“IFA”) for 6 years until March 2007. Email: | Web: