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Managing a business is hard at the best times, but no more so than during a pandemic. Depending on the industry, there are different Awards employers have to get their heads around to ensure they’re abiding by Fair Work standards. Whether it be the rate of pay, the hours certain employees can work, or the leave they’re entitled to, there are a myriad of workplace complexities that must be maintained.

The Children’s Services Award is one of a number of Awards that have seen important changes recently. Since November 1, 2020, employees who have their roster changed in an emergency are entitled to overtime rates. What’s interesting about this is the term ‘emergency’ includes cases where an employer is locked down due to a Government direction. We’ve seen thousands of businesses affected by this as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. While this change is good for the employee, it leaves a greater financial dent on business owners, who need to change or adapt their operations to accommodate the extra cost.


About Edward Mallett:

British-born Edward Mallett started his professional life out as an employment relations barrister after having studied law at Cambridge University in the UK and Duke University in the US. After migrating to Australia in 2010 and seeing how high legal fees for business owners seeking HR advice were, Mr Mallett wanted to establish a new system which offered professional help at an affordable price. Seeing a gap in the market, Mr Mallett founded Employsure, a subscription-based workplace relations service offering round the clock advice to employers.

About Employsure:

Employsure is Australia’s leading workplace advisory firm for SMEs, advising over 28,000 clients in Australia and New Zealand on workplace relations and workplace health & safety issues. It was founded in 2011 to help SMEs navigate changes to Australia’s complex industrial relations system with the introduction of the Fair Work Act. It does this via its advice line where businesses can speak with its team of workplace relations specialists, and through onsite visits to their business.