The home is one of our most valuable assets, so it’s no surprise that maintaining and improving our biggest investment is always going to be high on our priority list. There is always something that needs improving, fixing or renovating around the house.


Furthermore, as a nation, we are busier than ever and with the onset of COVID-19, many of us are now working from home, making it more important than ever to improve and enjoy our surrounds. The home improvement market is enormous. In fact, the booming industry grew by three per cent over the past year to reach a level of just over $45 billion. In terms of per capita usage, almost $200 was spent for every person in Australia.




And although Australians have always been passionate about home renovation and improvements, even the do-it-yourself renovators often require the assistance of professional experts. This is resulting in great opportunities for the entrepreneur seeking to invest in their very own home improvement franchise business.

With many home improvement franchises currently available, the range is diverse: bathroom re-conditioners; builders; fencing and roofing specialists; pool and spa installations; energy products; garages and carports; security providers; the list is endless.


So why buy a home services franchise rather than run an independent business?

Prospective franchisees benefit from established systems along with easier access to a number of resources in comparison to businesses run by independent operators. Another advantage of being a part of a franchise system within this area of business is that it allows for franchisees to take advantage of the brand equity of the franchisor. This advantage is a major benefit because people are very protective of their homes and tend to seek as many assurances as possible that the work they contract will be done properly by trustworthy individuals.

Whether it’s everyday upkeep, or emergency requests, there are a variety of franchises to choose from when it comes to home services. Let’s take a look at just some of the opportunities available.

Kitchen remodelling

When it comes to home improvements, the kitchen is always top of the list. These days, many homeowners are opting to renovate existing kitchens with new cupboards, benchtops and appliances rather than replace with a new one, saving them thousands of dollars. A kitchen remodelling or renovation franchise gives franchisees a great market with a consistently high demand.

Bathroom remodelling

Bathrooms are one of those areas that get constant wear and tear and start to look dated and run down over the years. That’s why bathroom remodelling franchises provide the perfect solution by helping to remodel bathtub and shower liners, replace bathtubs and shower bases/walls all together and even convert an outdated tub to a shower.

New windows dressings

Adding new curtains or blinds is one of the easiest ways to give your home a brand-new look at little cost. Decorative and functional window blinds are available through many window dressing franchises, which are becoming extremely popular.

Home additions

Consumers looking to expand their homes can choose from a huge range of options, including adding a room onto their homes, converting a garage, converting their space into a loft, or even adding an extra building. You can choose to invest in any of these home addition franchise industries, which are highly lucrative.

Flooring and decking

New flooring not only enhances the aesthetics of a house, but also allows homeowners to stay in their house more comfortably. A flooring franchise is a great opportunity to generate a steady income and build a successful business. The timber deck is an iconic part of the Australian outdoor lifestyle and a key feature in Australian backyards, franchises such as Deck Seal specialise in new and existing timber decks, offering an excellent opportunity to join this lucrative market.

Driveway paving

There is nothing that drags the look of house down more than a worn or cracked driveway. That’s why driveway paving franchises meet a consumer need and provide a chance to earn a great living.


First impressions count. So, when it comes to street appeal, one of the most important aspects of your home is landscaping and lawn care. Whether its people staging their home for sale, or those who are time poor and depend on landscaping services for monthly maintenance, including gardening, raking, weeding, and more, a landscaping franchise is a great business opportunity, especially for those who love working outdoors. This type of franchise provides residential services, as well as good partnerships with buildings and offices.

Property repair

Whether it is a natural disaster or a man-made one, property repair franchises are always in demand. Working with property owners and their insurance companies to make sure that the home is restored back to its original state, property repair franchises are recession-proof, as property damage repair is not a seasonal nor is it something that can be put off for a long period of time.

Cleaning and maintenance

Life is becoming busier than ever. Gone are the days when engaging a regular cleaner for your home was considered a luxury, it has now become a necessity. And, with many of us now spending more time in the home, keeping our home clean and fresh is more important than ever. Hence, an increasing number of homeowners are opting to pay for the convenience of outsourced assistance.

Specialty cleaning

There are also specialty services such as deep carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, or air and duct cleaning, for example. These services are not only residential franchise options, but usually come with a long list of industrial customers as well. If you are willing to take on both residential and business clients, it can be a very lucrative business. Some cleaning services are necessary and always in demand such as chimney cleaning and window cleaning, particularly high windows that require particular tools that are not carried by most homeowners.

Some franchises have partnerships with retail stores to connect clients after a product is sold that may need cleaning, or even connections with real estate agencies to share clientele.

Pool maintenance

More and more homeowners are opting to outsource this timeconsuming job, providing a lucrative opportunity for those seeking a franchise opportunity in this specialised industry. Jim’s Pool care is Australia’s largest franchise system that offers you the scope to grow the business to a level that suits you.

House staging

With the recent popularity of home renovation TV shows, homeowners are keener than ever to make their homes Instagram worthy. Not only that, but those who are selling their home can add thousands of dollars to the sale price by staging with beautiful furniture and accessories. Those with a flair for interior design or a background in home styling would be perfectly suited to a home staging franchise.


Nothing improves the look of a room faster than a fresh coat of paint. With more Americans home now than ever, now could be the time to invest in a painting franchise. Some of the benefits of this category include a relatively low cost of entry and a large target audience.



Whether you’re interested in opening a franchise specialized in inside or outside painting there is sure to be a brand that piques your interest. Explore all the franchise opportunities in the Business Franchise Directory

6 More Reasons

If you are thinking about utilising your skills to open a home improvement franchise, here are six more reasons why it might just be the right fit for you! 1 You can secure your financial independence The COVID-19 lockdown has encouraged many people to take stock and think about their careers, and now more than ever is the time to take control and start working for yourself. Owning your own essential business in an industry like the home service space is a way to establish your future and financial independence 2 More flexibility As many home improvement franchises are also mobile businesses, owners enjoy both flexibility and variety in their working days. Generally, more affordable to buy and run, a mobile franchise eliminates expensive rentals and lengthy retail hours. Franchise systems provide you with an infrastructure ready to run your business the minute you finish your training, leaving you free to concentrate on your customers and not burdened with administrative tasks. 3 You can pursue your passion Many business owners say the hours they invest in growing their business doesn’t feel like work because they love what they are doing. There are a wide variety of opportunities to suit potential franchisee’s different interests and styles, from gardening and landscaping services, window washing to painting and plastering services. 4 Homeowners find it easier to call in the professionals Lack of skills isn’t the only reason homeowners have grown dependent on professional service providers. Home services experts save homeowners time and ensure the job will be done right the first time. As homes age, they require ongoing upkeep. Whether the homeowner is a retiree or a parent busy with children, it’s beneficial to have professional help. That’s why home services franchise business owners continue to be busy. 5 A viable alternative to starting your own business from scratch The financial resources need to start and grow a business from scratch can be significant. Buying into a franchise provides an opportunity to follow your passion and be independent but with the support and benefits of a big business network. In most cases, franchisors will provide comprehensive operations manuals and training programs for their franchise owners. These procedures and efficiencies are designed to enable franchise owners to spend less time and effort burdened with administrative tasks and more time making money. 6 Ongoing training and support Whatever a franchisee’s skillset, the franchisor can plug knowledge gaps with training and/or support in areas such as marketing, lead generation and back-office administration. Moreover, their buying power and fine-tuned business model helps to keep prices low for customers.