Franchisee In Action – Rent the Roo


Bob and Julie Sager have achieved a record amount of business in their first year of trade

This phenomenal success is in spite of the fact that Bob runs the Townsville franchise from his home in Cairns driving four hours each way or flying to and from his customer base each week. Bob first bought his Rent the Roo franchise in July 2009. He saw the flexible and convenient franchise as one that would suit his relaxed Northern Queensland life style.

“Rent the Roo was a good business model; it had a great amount of transparency and flexibility over its competitors. It has allowed me to live a flexible lifestyle and work when it suits me,” says Bob

“Running the Townsville franchise from my home Cairns is even a breeze with the support systems put into place by Rent the Roo. Sure the travel might be long, but it’s really all in a day’s work.

“You are really set up with pretty much everything from suppliers and distributors. Rent the Roo makes it easy!”

Bob’s background in finance and small business hasn’t hindered his success either. “Working in banking for 25 years really helped me when looking to purchase a franchise. It’s a big investment and not something you take lightly.

“Rent the Roo had a solid financial background and was very open when discussing it. There was no smoke and mirrors; it is really just an honest and supportive franchise with nothing to hide,” said Bob.

Having previously owned a series of small businesses including managing a newsagency for four years Bob decided that owning a franchise was naturally the next step in his business venture.

“Owning small businesses really prepared me for the franchise world. However, the beauty of the Rent the Roo franchise system is that you’re not in it alone the way you would be when owning a small independent business.

“I’ve never been one to not interact with those that I’m working with, whether it be clients, customers or colleagues. Some of my best experiences have been from owning businesses and really getting amongst it. Working with people and customers is one of the highlights of the job,” said Bob.

The training provided by Rent the Roo has been a definite keynote with Bob. “It has been 100 per cent support all the way from the start with one week’s training in a well-established Rent the Roo franchise in Sydney followed by two weeks training in Townsville. After the initial training we have also received regular field visits by the Rent the Roo team as well as further up to date training when needed. There is always access to information via the company intranet system, email as required and excellent over the phone support.”

“Even in remote locations such as Cairns and Townsville I know I can always rely on Rent the Roo if I have a problem of any kind or simply need advice,” says Bob. Since starting with Rent the Roo, Bob and his wife Julie have seen a significant change in the balance between their work and family lives.

“Working from home we pretty much make our own hours. We’re not a nine to five business so we can be flexible around our family and our commitments. There is no late nights or overtime, once the job’s done it’s done, your pretty much guaranteed to never be late for dinner.

“Spending a lot more time with the grandkids has been a great benefit of the franchise. We are able to pick them up from school, spend afternoons with them doing activities and spend time with them when we would otherwise be working,” says Bob.


What is Rent the Roo?

Rent the Roo offers appliance rentals to its customers. The company offers a huge selection of brand new furniture from the leading brands and provides, rewards, giveaways and topnotch services. Furthermore, it offers assistance to customers who failed to find what they want to rent on their site!

Rent The Roo offers value added services to its loyal customers and follows simple rental payment plans with continuous assistance and service from our dedicated team of franchisees.


About being a Rent The Roo franchisee

Rent The Roo franchisees get to enjoy ‘the sweet taste of success’ while running their appliance and furniture rental business from the comfort of their own home.

Here is the Rent the Roo formula for success that has been proven since 1976


High Cashflow

High Cash flow is achieved because people are willing to pay for great service. Maintaining the highest levels of customer service begins with providing all brand-new products of the customers’ own particular choice. Rent The Roo franchisees have unlimited access to every brand and type of furniture and appliances. These are sourced directly from retail and wholesale suppliers with national discounting in place. Other rental business models warehouse a limited range of stock and continue to re-rent the same items to other  customers over and over again. Using this system the stock is not the only thing that depreciates! Customer satisfaction is ultimately compromised.

Low overheads

Rent-a-Roo Give-a-way. Rent The Roo have developed a unique program where the goods are leased over 1–3 year term and then given away at the completion of the agreement. This gives added value to the customer with a sense of ownership that has effectively decreased the average default rate to below five per cent for the group. Roo Rewards is a customer loyalty program that redefines the ‘WOW FACTOR” and has produced ‘a re- sale to existing customer average of over 80 per cent’ with some franchisees achieving as high as 95 per cent. Rent The Roo has proven the saying ‘it is more blessed to give…’ This means that as the business grows, direct advertising and other costs continue to decrease.No direct employment required. One or two people can operate the business successfully without all the hassles of direct employment. When the business does grow large enough, the master franchise has access to Rent The Roo’s unique Sub franchisee system. The master franchisee runs the administration and provides the capital for the stock purchases while the sub franchisee is responsible for customer service and maintains their own vehicle.


Home-based: The biggest problem with most successful businesses is the cost to lifestyle. Long hours and high stress environments often pay a high price. By moving the traditional rental business that requires a shop front and warehousing into the home, Rent The Roo has created an excellent business that can be run five days a week with plenty of time to enjoy yourself and your family.


“We have been operating our home-based Rent The Roo franchise for two years and still cannot believe how simple and productive our business has become. We love how much our customers appreciate the service we provide and the proof is in the fact that they just keep coming back again and again!” – Rick and Anne Saxon, master franchisees, South West Slopes, NSW.

The franchise system. 

Rent The Roo has developed a unique investment system called: PASS IVE FRANCHISE TM. This has been done to reduce the capital requirements on the master franchisee. Since 2003, Rent The Roo have developed over 20 passive franchisees. These people simply provide additional finance to the master franchisee in order to grow the business. The initial investment is only $20,000 and can be increased on a monthly basis. Returns are paid monthly over a period of two years or re-invested. Rent The Roo guarantees a fixed return rate of 15 per cent per annum for two years on each investment with no fees! 

MASTER FRANCHISEE: Rent The Roo has developed over 30 master franchisee home-based offices Australia-wide. Further development here and overseas is planned for 2010.

With an enormous income from recurring revenue, each master franchise can potentially earn over $1,000,000 per annum within three years. The minimum capital requirement is from only $150,000.

SUB FRANCHISE: This newly developed customer service Rent The Roo sub franchise comes with a guaranteed income of $1,250 per week for up to 12 months. The sub franchisee is responsible for customer service in the field without having to worry about the office administration that is run by the Master Franchisee. The sub franchise offer is an affordable $65,000.00 plus GST and vehicle. 

For more information on Rent The Roo franchises please contact Phil Hague on (02) 6227 1277; email: renttheroo@ or visit and request the comprehensive sales brochure.