Franchisor Profile – Mobile Hose Fixers


MOBILE HOSE FIXERS – a trusted brand keeping Australian industry on the move

Mobile HoseFixers is a 24/7 emergency hydraulic hose repair and maintenance organisation which currently operates across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria and is looking to expand across the whole of Australia. The company has more than 15 years’ experience in the delivery of efficient, effective and expert hydraulic hose fixing and providing customers with a swift, effective, guaranteed repair and maintenance solution.

“Mobile HoseFixers started in 1992 and franchised in 1996. The business was started by Tim Sandilands who soon asked his brother Allan to join the business because he had more work than he could handle. In response to customer requests the business expanded into Sydney and then Melbourne,” explains Don Shaw Sales Director.

“The franchise currently has 26 Mobile HoseFixers operating out of 10 Service Centres. In the last 12 months new Service Centres have been established in Adelaide, Dandenong (Victoria) and in Central Queensland,” he said Mobile HoseFixers are currently looking for motivated, ‘hands-on’ people to help drive the company forward by owning their own Mobile HoseFixers franchise.

“The people we are looking for are those who are hands-on, no longer want to ‘work for the man’, aren’t afraid to get dirty and can interact with people in a friendly way. They will be motivated to succeed, are prepared to develop the business with the system and are looking to develop a business that can provide a comfortable lifestyle.”

Don said the Mobile HoseFixers work from home from ‘the best equipped mobile workshops in the business’.

“This is a mobile opportunity. Mobile HoseFixers do draw their stock, gain support and generally operate from a Service Centre, however each HoseFixer is encouraged to work within a set time from their home. Because we are a service based industry we try to maintain a minimum wait time from receipt of call to actually being on the job.”

“Our HoseFixers operate from vehicles which are generally financed through a chattel mortgage or lease. This finance usually includes the set up cost for the vehicle as well. We are happy to discuss how each prospect can gain access to finance but cannot guarantee that it will be given.”

Don says there is an ever-present and growing need for Mobile HoseFixers in all types of industries.

“Hydraulics are everywhere! Just about every vehicle contains hydraulics to some degree. Our market segmentation is very diverse. We have done work in commercial laundries, kitchen, dentists, McDonalds Restaurants, theme parks, marine, mining, earthmoving, demolition, landscaping as well as general industry. So much of industry and life in general today is supported by hydraulics and eventually the hoses are going to need replacing. Mobile HoseFixers offer an emergency breakdown service as well as general maintenance to consumers.”

“We offer a cost effective, on-time service that results in repeat business to our operators. Our products are very high quality with an extremely low warranty rate and we also advise our customers how they can save more money when they call Mobile HoseFixers.” Don says that new franchisees could have industry experience from almost any field as full training is provided.

“When you commit to Mobile HoseFixers you attend two weeks training which not only covers product knowledge, it also covers skills including identifying thread patterns, adjusting and setting crimpers, identifying hose types, silver soldering, Workplace Health & Safety, hydraulic safety, sales skills and tips and hints on finding ways to get customers’ machines going again.”

Once franchisees begin operating their own business, they are considered an important member of the Mobile HoseFixer’s ‘family’ and are provided with on-going support, assistance and mentoring.

“Of course the franchise system offers ongoing support. This support can be from other HoseFixers, the Service Centre and the franchisor. Assistance is given to new operators to develop an initial call cycle and call plan to ensure that they quickly develop a regular customer base. Any customer who gives regular work to a HoseFixer is designated as belonging to that person and any calls received by the Service Centre for work from that customer is directed back through that HoseFixer.”

Don says that franchisees enjoy the benefits of being part of the ‘team’.

“Being part of a team allows you to be able to enjoy the team spirit and also being able to offer a customer another option to retain their work when you are already on another job. A collaboration between HoseFixers is encouraged because it makes everyone stronger.” 

“We work with you combining great customer service, competitive prices, and great products and services to blow the competition away.”

Shaun Blank, Franchisee, Gold Coast QLD

Shaun Blank has run the Gold Coast franchise of Mobile HoseFixers for the past two years. The former truck driver said owning a franchise business gives you ‘the best of both worlds’.

“You work you own hours and are fairly independent but you still get the back-up from the franchise when required. For example sometimes when you get really busy, head office will help you out so you can still look after your clients. If you get over-loaded there is back-up and also there is access to a bigger product range.

Shane said that even though he had virtually no previous experience with hydraulics or hoses, the initial and ongoing training provided by Mobile HoseFixers meant he was confident and capable to start running his own business.

“After the two-week’s training – both on-site and theory, I felt fully confident and ready to start running the business,” he said.

Paul Fowler, Franchisee, Botany NSW

Paul Fowler of Botany NSW bought his Mobile HoseFixers franchise in March 2010. He said the main reason he chose Mobile HoseFixers was because of the business integrity of the company.

“It seemed more about personal service and relationships and less about buying a business with free give-aways.” Paul should know because he actually worked in the same industry for 15 years before buying the franchise. His background was in territory and regional management, business development and also selling franchises.

“It made the transition to franchise owner easy as I was already trained and qualified and have actually been a trainer in the past.

“But I still get plenty of mentoring from the directors which has been needed at times and appreciated,” Paul said.

“The best thing about owning a Mobile HoseFixers franchise is that the product works and is reliable. It’s also a well-known brand in my area and the team works well together.”

The Mobile HoseFixers franchise system

As franchisor MHF Systems Pty Ltd constantly reviews the franchise system to ensure they stay ahead of their competition.

MobileHoseFixers has a franchise system that earns more money for the franchisee and has the best equipped mobile workshops in the business.

With the MHF system:

  • you keep more of your money from your labour
  • you make commission on all your product sales
  • you own the customers, mobile workshop, equipment and stock
  • you get full training to help you become a great Mobile HoseFixer
  • you get coaching on how to build a great business
  • you DO NOT pay 40 – 50 per cent of your labour earnings back to the franchisor.

Varied locations and investment options:

  • existing franchise opportunities on established territories with customers waiting
  • new ‘start-up’ franchise opportunities across Australia
  • start-up costs vary but we do not want you to invest more than you can afford so if you are interested then talk to us about how we can help you own your business while you earn. 

For further information about owning a Mobile HoseFixers franchise contact Don Shaw on 1300 654 782 or email  for more information. Some areas only have limited opportunities.