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The Future of Learning and Development is Peer-to-Peer

As the business landscape shifts and change becomes the new constant, the traditional model of a three to five-year higher education spent learning technical skills, followed by a forty-year career spent applying them, is no longer serving us.

Technology, artificial intelligence and automation; volatile, fast-paced business environments; and up to two-decades longer in the workforce are driving the need for continuous lifelong learning.

Career changes are increasingly commonplace, many requiring considerable reskilling and re-education. Existing professions are also evolving, as specific roles and tasks are automated, and value is delivered in other areas. And entirely new professions are emerging, many of which have no formal curriculum.

Forward-thinking higher-education institutions are now offering courses that equip graduates with the skills for a future that might involve multiple career paths, rather than a single career in a specific discipline.

Increasingly, though, the responsibility for learning and development is moving beyond institutions and falling on individuals and organisations.

With more change and less time, we need to rethink how learning and development experiences are delivered and how they integrate into the overall employee experience. And one of the best methods is peer-to-peer learning.