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Business never stands still does it? Especially today with fast communication systems making us all aware of what is being done by everyone else and using those ideas to build new ones of our own. And the changes and innovations seem to be coming faster and faster each day.

Having been involved with franchised businesses since the 80s, I have seen how businesses passing my door reflect the latest changes. From face-to-face interaction, landline phones and snail-mail to today’s communication systems with mobile, text, email, websites, social media, chat bots, cloud-based storage, and software capable of doing almost anything. But I have to say the biggest shift has taken place over the past five years culminating in the swift uptake over the last year disrupted by COVID. Who would have known I’d be teaching my 70 and 80yr+ running mates how to use Zoom for our weekly meetings?

Brian Keen has been involved in the franchise industry for more than 30 years and, today, is the Founder of Franchise Simply. His on-the-ground business experience as a multi-unit franchisee, franchisor and consultant helping many of the big names create their own franchise systems and growth over the years has been fed into Franchise Simply, helping today’s SMEs grow their business by franchising.