Business Franchise Australia


Helping you navigate through these uncertain times

We know that many businesses and communities are being heavily affected by the challenging economic conditions created by the outbreak of COVID-19.

We are working shoulder-to-shoulder with businesses to assist them through this difficult period and do what we can to ease the pressure.

We encourage businesses impacted by COVID-19 to get in touch with us to discuss relief options. We’ve updated our website with essential information for employers about tax and super changes that have now become law following the passage of the Government’s Economic Support Package through the Parliament. Additional support is also available to employers to help keep on top of obligations for tax and super.


Nadia is the acting Assistant Commissioner of the ATO’s Risk and Strategy – Employer Obligations portfolio. She is responsible for leading the ATO’s approach to supporting employers to meet their Superannuation Guarantee, Fringe Benefits Tax and Pay as You Go Withholding obligations.  Nadia has been with the ATO for 15 years and has undertaken a number of roles across Superannuation, Public Groups and International and Tax Counsel Network.