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Home Improvement Businesses in a COVID World – Five Tips to Stay Safe

Here we are, over six months into the pandemic. And with no sign of an end in sight.


There are, of course many, many negatives to life during this pandemic – hundreds of thousands of deaths, businesses collapsing, people unable to leave their homes.


And we’re also seeing some trends emerging, like in-store retail really suffering. So much so that just yesterday, one of the largest owners of shopping malls in the United States is in the process of converting those spaces into Amazon fulfilment centres.


But one of the ‘COVID-19 trends’ that will probably surprise no one is the rise of home renovations and improvement. The reason for this is pretty simple; people are spending a lot more time at home and in the back yard.


With this growing demand for renovations and improvement, further demand for businesses who can supply these services grows alongside.


COVID-19 presents a unique opportunity for those in home improvement or renovation businesses. And with that demand, there are also some key challenges, given people want to feel safe in their homes.


We’ve come up with FIVE TIPS for home improvement and renovation businesses




Chris Beasley is Managing Director of Safety Navigator, a cloud-based WHS system with over 10,000 Australian and New Zealand business customers, many of whom are Franchise Organisations.