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Innovation proven key to success for Gelatissimo

Filipe Barbosa GelatissimoInnovation is a vital element that provides a sustainable advantage for companies competing for a share of voice in a saturated market. To maintain competitive advantage, there is a need for businesses to constantly review service offerings and products and invest in innovation in order to maintain profits.

With widespread appeal, the gelato market is dynamic and expanding. Gelatissimo is in a competitive environment where its ability to compete depends heavily on its ability to innovate. It is vital that the Gelatissimo team never get complacent and continually challenge themselves to stay fresh and relevant by bringing new and inspired creations to the table.

The staff at Gelatissimo are continuously striving to push the boundaries and create inspiring and new gelato flavours. As new research confirms, it seems the teams dedication is paying off, with the brand holding its own in the fiercely competitive market with 17 per cent brand awareness, beating other leading brands. This strong indicator, that Gelatissimo is at the forefront of people’s minds, is also translating into increased growth and sales for the brand.

Having just opened its 39th franchise this July as well as expanding into China, there are no signs of Gelatissimo slowing down anytime soon. Gelatissimo has seen a steady growth rate and predicts solid development into the future. This growth rate is attributed to the brand’s ongoing commitment to delivering innovation.

To stay competitive, Gelatissimo prioritises innovation and supports research and development with an in-house team. The team comprises of a Master Gelato Maker and researchers who study up-and-coming food trends and also monitor cultural developments to reinvent each viable opportunity into the context of gelato. As the days of plain chocolate and vanilla are long gone, Gelatissimo’s research and development team work tirelessly to create these dynamic products and flavours without ever compromising on taste.

Most recently was the Doggie Gelato creation, which was an enormous success, and a perfect example of Gelatissimo pushing the boundaries in the quick service space. Armed with the knowledge that Australians love their dogs, Gelatissimo created a product that welcomed the whole family to take part in the café experience. The design saw Gelatissimo feature in mainstream media such as The Living Room and Weekend Today, as well as local news around the country. Gelatissimo stores around the country sold out of the gelato within its first week of sale, highlighting just how a creative product can significantly capture the imagination (and appetite) of customers.

Food trends come and go, yet Gelatissimo is nimble enough to create its own. The gelato doughnut is an example of this creative thinking that took the Gelatissimo brand name far and wide. Taking the classic ice cream sandwich and injecting it with new life, the gelato doughnut proved to be popular with customers and media alike. Media complimented Gelatissimo on the creation and it was a part of the news conversation for weeks. Something as simple as an ice cream sandwich was taken and turned on its head, to bring to life a dessert that is popular nationwide. The sheer popularity of the gelato doughnut is seen in the wide breadth of coverage received. Popular culture website, Buzzfeed, and food publication, Good Food, covered the doughnut, showing that innovation is the key to talking to a wide range of people. It is this innovation, coupled with Gelatissimo’s trusted artisan expertise that keeps people coming back time and time again. The Gelatissimo brand is known for creating authentic gelato and service with a smile. These qualities are what sticks in the customers mind and what converts them into loyal customers.

For Gelatissimo, it is a fine balance between tradition and being bold. In the Australian dessert market, locking yourself into tradition will likely see you perish so as a business, Gelatissimo must evolve whilst still remembering its roots. First and foremost, the focus is on serving fresh and authentic gelato. When people hear the word innovation, they instantly think of new products. Yet there are many ways businesses can be innovative. One in particular that Gelatissimo has focused on is distribution with a partnership with the notorious food delivery start-up, Deliveroo.

The partnership has proved to be a success with Gelatissimo offering customers home delivery at selected stores across Australia. It is important for a business to evolve along with the trends within an industry. The food delivery market is booming and has developed into a premium offering, which now matches Gelatissimo’s positioning. Fundamentally, this partnership was driven by listening and adhering to customer’s habits and desires. It provides choice and convenience.

Customers demanding healthy and natural products is a trend that isn’t exclusive to the food industry. The team at Gelatissimo has acknowledged this by incorporating flavours that have significant health benefits such as Green Tea and low calorie options such as the Low Sugar Range which was launched in 2014 with each flavour containing maximum of 135 calories per serve.

There are few industries that are as fast paced and constantly changing as the food industry. Brands must be flexible and adaptive to maintain a competitive advantage and survive.

At the end of the day it’s survival of the fittest and innovation keeps brands fit. There are countless brands competing for a share of voice in a saturated market and to be heard, creativity and uniqueness are key. Gelatissimo’s continued growth and success is a prime example of innovation and creativity’s power for a business.

Filipe Barbosa has been in the hospitality industry for 25 years and has worked at all levels of the food service industry. Over the past 14 years Filipe has devoted his time to growing the Gelatissimo brand across a multitude of roles that have seen him manage various divisions of the business, leading to his appointment in 2013 as CEO, a role which he loves and strives to improve in everyday as a way of driving continued growth for the brand and its franchisees.

Filipe Barbosa | CEO | Gelatissimo


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