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Man, What a Fuss

Some of the most successful business concepts are created by shrewd entrepreneurs who see a glaring gap in the marketplace.

A salon for men only? In 1998 this was an idea which may have ‘raised some eyebrows’. Enter Kate Allen, an expert in the hair and beauty industry, she had witnessed first-hand men trying to keep a low profile in a unisex salon, hoping no one they knew would wander in while they were having their hair coloured or getting a pedicure or waiting for a body treatment or wax.

Kate was confident enough men cared about their appearance and really wanted to look and feel better – they just didn’t have a place to go where they felt comfortable.

Man, What a Fuss! was established with all of this in mind – a full service salon exclusively for men where they could go and feel comfortable and pampered and relaxed. The services, the products and the atmosphere all catered exclusively to men!