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Xpresso Delight brings quick, consistent, delicious coffee to its customers both in the office and just outside

The coffee culture that has developed in Australia is now a massive industry. In fact, gourmet coffee consumption has doubled in the last six years across the nation. Australians now drink an estimated 1.6 billion cups of coffee each year, a figure that continues to grow at 10 to 15 per cent per annum.

Xpresso Delight is on the forefront of tapping this exploding market by bringing the coffee to the consumer.

Xpresso Delight has two divisions. Xpresso Delight Corporate, which targets workplaces who wish to have a  Delight coffee&go, which is a mobile van unit that brings coffee to the doorsteps of workplaces, schools, events and just about anywhere else their compact vans can go.

Xpresso Delight coffee&go

With the huge demand for coffee and the influx of mobile coffee vans cruising our streets, how can Xpresso Delight coffee&go stand apart?

Xpresso Delight has developed a unique mobile van system with a coffee pod machine that allows franchisees to accomplish several key goals:

BETTER ACCESS: These compact four cylinder VW’s can zip down small streets and alleyways. This allows franchisees to literally leave the competition in their dust.

BETTER SET-UP TIME: With the unique pod system, franchisees can pull up to a site, jump out and serve a coffee almost instantly. There are no massive batteries on board and no huge commercial barista machines to set up.

BETTER COFFEE: Xpresso Delight usesits own special blend of 100 per cent Arabicagourmet coffee beans. But this in itself is notthe secret. As we all know, even good coffeecan taste bad if not prepared properly. Usingthe first ever pod coffee machine in a mobilevan, franchisees are able to make the perfectcup of coffee, time and time again.

BETTER SYSTEM: With the simple to use van and pod system, franchisees can train a friend or family member how to use the whole system and be assured that anyone who produces coffee from their van will again give the exact same flavourful coffee every time.

Coffee is served quickly, cleanly and consistently.

Matt Ormerod is an Xpresso Delight coffee&go franchisee in Queensland. Matt is not only extremely passionate about good coffee, but is also completely committed to giving outstanding customer service. He

realises that this combination is the recipe for success.

“I was in retail for 11 to 12 years prior to buying my franchise. I absolutely loved retail, but I got tired of making money for someone else. I love coffee and it started from there.”

Matt researched various coffee systems for months and even spent a bit of time doing market research.

“I saw a lot of different mobile coffee vans driving around. I would go to coffee vans that were stopped and try their coffee. I would see how long it took to make and how good their coffee tasted.”

For Matt, the biggest selling point for an Xpresso Delight coffee&go franchise was the consistency. He would try other coffee vans several times and each time he would have a different tasting, different quality coffee.

With the pod system in the Xpresso Delight vans, the coffee was exactly as good each time he tried.

You all know this. When you go to the local coffee shop and your favourite barista is there, the one that makes the coffee beautifully every time. Then there is the barista (at the same coffee shop, with the same machine) who just can’t ever get it quite right.

This dilemma is not an issue with Xpresso Delight. The same great coffee is packed with a specific amount of coffee in a pressure sealed bio-degradable bag and packaged in a pod. This means the same amount of coffee, with the same amount of pressure, with the same temperature water – produces the same quality coffee – consistently.

“Everything was very me. I could get in the van after the initial training and BAM, I could go,” Matt said.

Matt felt passionate about his coffee, believed in the Xpresso Delight franchise model and loved the van. So Matt was off – starting his runs, developing clients, finding key spots to stop. Then the Queensland floods hit. He recounts the days leading up the floods,

“I worked on Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday I was driving through Milton in a foot or so of water. This was the day the water started rising. I kept going though. My customers were so happy to see me. I stopped and made latte’s and just told my customers to take them for free and go because they had to pack up all their stuff.”

Wednesday came and with it more water. Matt had a harrowing few days. By Saturday, he had evacuated his current house in which his lease was up and moved into his new house, which had water up the driveway. Instead of dwelling on his circumstances, he was phoning the people who ran the Bardon Sunday market to see if he could come the next day in his van.

“The market was at the end of one of the most severely affected areas in Brisbane. It was going to be just me and a bakery lady,” said Matt.

Matt called all the local radio stations Sunday morning to let them know where he was located and worked flat out for the entire day. He said people were thrilled – it may have only been a cup of coffee, but these

were people who were driving 30km to find bread and milk in the supermarkets. People whose homes were flooded and businesses were damaged. To have their favourite coffee was a real treat.

Despite his optimistic attitude, Matt feared that his newly launched business would be ruined due to the damage to his area. Undeterred, he resumed his daily route only one week after the floods.

“I couldn’t believe it. Nearly 75 per cent of the businesses I visited were ok. The first day I just did free coffee for everyone. I called all my customers to check on them to make sure they were safe and even drove to a few of them that were 15 or 20km away just to serve one or two coffees. It may have just been coffee, but it was important. The spirit of the people of Brisbane was amazing. Nothing could get them down. It made me feel very special to be a small part of that.”

So Matt and his new business not only survived the floods, but prospered. Prospered due to Matt’s determination to deliver as promised to his faithful customers and due to his good heart to reach out a

hand (with a warm cup of coffee in it) to the people of Brisbane.

Xpresso Delight Corporate


Each day, thousands of workers trek to the nearest café to spend as much as $3 to $4 for their morning coffee. In many cases they might do that for themselves and their workmates half a dozen times every day!

This is a huge market waiting to be tapped. Why would these people repeat this daily trek if they could just walk half-a-dozen steps and get a perfect cup of gourmet coffee in a mere 30 seconds for just a fraction of

cafe prices? This is the premise of Xpresso Delight transplanting the cafe experience directly into the

workplace at a fraction of the price that people pay at cafes.

For the astute investor, an Xpresso Delight franchise is a unique opportunity to grab a slice of the action and virtually guarantee yourself some of the best returns you will ever see. What’s more, you’ll discover that your investment of time and effort is unbelievably small.

Gail James lives in Perth. She purchased her Xpresso Delight franchise in January 2010 after seeing an ad in the local paper.

“It is terrible to say, but I got to the ‘coffee snob’ stage. I only ever have one cup of coffee per day – and I want it to be really good.

“I was paying $4 or more a day for a cup. Sometimes it was great, sometimes it was horrible.”

Like Matt, it was the consistency of the quality of the Xpresso Delight coffee that convinced her this was the franchise to choose.

“It works. It is good coffee. People like the fact that they don’t have to leave the office and run to the local café,” said Gail.

Gail was in the hospitality industry as a café manager prior to purchasing her franchise.

“I was the manager at a café. We had 10 baristas and there were only two who could make really good coffee. I wasn’t one of them!”

Gail now has 18 systems in place and works around 15 hours per week servicing, cleaning and restocking the machines. This also gives her a chance to chat with her customers and establish relationships.

Add to that another five or so hours of paperwork and marketing and Gail works a 20 hour week on average.

“For us it’s a good part-time income. It gives us the freedom to structure our week ourselves. My husband helps and is planning on cutting back his current job from fulltime to part-time so he can join me with our

Xpresso Delight franchise business.”

Gail believes that her success is due to the consistency and ease of use of the coffee system, the support of the Master Agent and franchisor’s and her commitment to customer service.

She must be doing something right. Gail was awarded ‘Franchisee of the Year’ for 2010 for Western Australia – her first year owning her business.

If you love coffee and are ready to join an industry that has tremendous growth potential, Xpresso Delight might just be the franchise for you. An Xpresso Delight coffee&go or corporate franchise offers you an amazing opportunity to start your own business and generate windfall profits. Yet at the same time, you’re able to tap into the support of experienced professionals who offer guaranteed minimum revenue returns in the process.

You’ll discover that everything is systemised to make learning easy and fast so you have more time to concentrate on customer service and profitability.

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