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The Pillars of Workplace Wellbeing

Individual wellbeing is a goal people are always striving toward. As work comprises such a big part of life, it is a significant contributor to it. Workplace wellbeing was the top-ranked element in a place of employment, with 72 per cent of workers saying it is extremely/very important to them


How people are functioning has a significant impact on the work they do. Conversely, how people function in the workplace has a significant effect on their everyday life and how they function as a whole. When it comes to wellbeing at work, leaders need to be aware of the different pillars of wellbeing and how they intersect in the workplace.



Ashley Fell, along with Mark McCrindle, is the author of Work Wellbeing: Leading thriving teams in changing times (Rockpool Publishing $29.99). She is a sought-after speaker, social researcher and is the Communications Director at McCrindle, which helps leading organisations gain a clearer picture. Work Wellbeing: Leading thriving teams in changing times is available at all good bookstores and online at