RedCat is an Australian company, with an Australian
development team, and have a history of leveraging our flexibility and
integration capabilities to partner with clients to implement and develop
unique solutions.

We have been a leader in hospitality point of sale and
accounting software since 1992, and can supply integrated software and hardware
solutions for Point of Sale and Accounting that can manage sales, staff, stock
and payroll through to accounts, GST, customer loyalty, and Web Based multi-Site
reporting solutions to provide the complete business management system and are
actively involved with the FCA, so have developed a high level of expertise in
this sector to better understand the requirements of Franchisors, to add value
to their business.

The modular nature of a RedCat system means that it can grow
with your business – no need to throw out your investment and start again
because of expansion plans. We can also tailor a customised solution to
suit your business requirements, and even integrate multiple different
solutions into a single reporting structure.

In particular, for the needs of franchised groups, we have
developed an extremely flexible centralised management capability that permits
multiple levels of control and reporting capabilities, from total head office
management, through to localised management and web based consolidated
reporting tools and a web based, (and mobile phone based), ordering system
which is totally integrated into the Point of sale system.

We also offer a global loyalty and gift card system which is
also fully integrated into the point of sale and can provide a very effective
part of your marketing strategy, as well as a mobile app and web ordering
system, which you can add at any time.