Rewriting the Rulebook for Franchise Recruitment Success


Megasealed Founder and Managing Director Jacques Courtin on rewriting the rulebook for franchise recruitment: The benefits of a knowledge-first recruitment strategy.



Spurred by an entrepreneurial mindset and legacy of business innovation, Megasealed Founder and Managing Director, Jacques Courtin has developed his own tailored approach to franchise recruitment.  The strategy is a sealing success, with an expanding network of franchisees rolling out around Australia.

Core to the success of Courtin’s approach is a knowledge-first recruitment process. This method sees all potential franchisees join Megasealed in a Sales Manager or Technician role for a minimum period of twelve months before purchasing their own territory.

“l require all new franchisees to personally join me on the tools or in a managerial role within a franchise to ensure their suitability to the businessNot only does this ensure they are the right fit for Megasealed, but Megasealed is the right fit for them,” said Courtin.


Through this approach, Courtin is able to bridge some of the hardest parts of a successful franchise recruitment. Particularly, finding the right person for the franchise.


Megasealed Founder and Managing Director, Jacques Courtin

As Courtin said, “I show them they can run their own business, and the value of it for them. And in return l get an understanding of their knowledge and passion for the business.”

Courtin advocates that traditional profit-focused recruitment is no longer a best-practice approach for franchise businesses and encourages other franchisors to place a greater focus on passion and skills.

“Number one in every business is that you have to be passionate about your work. It’s not about who can make the most money, it’s about who has the right attitude and skills to be a success. If they are only interested in profit, they are not the right person.”

No longer are franchisors looking for just good sales people, Courtin suggests in the case of his company he seeks out and trains his franchisee recruits to be able to inspect and provide expert building advice to customers.

“l train my people to be building inspectors rather than sales people. They’re not selling anything, if you give valuable advice to a client on what services they need, people will buy from you.”

Courtin began recruiting from within the company when he first franchised Megasealed in 2014. Highlighting that existing staff already possessed the passion, understanding and attitude needed to be successful in their own franchise.

“They have respect for the clients and contractors as they have experience within the business. They know the client, they know the contractors and they know the business. That’s why they have always been the best choice to drive the business forward.”

Demonstrating the confidence Courtin has for his approach, he offers potential franchisees low-deposit finance options to ensure he is able to recruit the best franchisees.

“Many looking to purchase a franchise have the passion and drive but not the finance. l believe it shouldn’t stop good people from becoming part of our network. That’s why my approach works well, because l say show me what you can do, and we will work the rest out.”

Testament to the success of Megasealed’s innovative franchise recruitment strategy and willingness to provide financial support is Megasealed Southern Peninsula and Greater West Melbourne Franchise Owner, Phil Green

Having previously owned and operated another franchise business, Green vowed his franchise ownership days were long behind him. Enticed by Courtin’s unique approach to franchise recruitment, Green joined Megasealed as a Sales Manager in June 2020 where he trained and built a network of clientele.


Megasealed Southern Peninsula & Greater West Melbourne Owner, Phil Green.

Courtin was drawn to Green’s passion and drive to be successful. Having seen the potential return on investment and possessing a deep understanding of the business, Green was confident in his decision to operate his own territory. Green initially signed on to purchase four territories and has science expanded to a further four territories encompassing both the Southern Peninsula and Greater west Melbourne regions.

“Jacques’ offer to have me on as a Sales Manager meant l was able to learn every in and out of the Megasealed business. I was blown away by the business success and motivated by the prospect owning a Megasealed franchise,” said Phil Green.

This year, Megasealed celebrates 26 years of national franchise operations with 34 franchises, servicing most Australian states and territories and completing in excess of 18,000 jobs per annum.




About Megasealed

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