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Secrets of a successful franchise business

Did you know in 2013 the market for anti-aging products and services grew into a global industry valued at an estimated $261.9 billion?

This went up from $162 billion in 2008 according to BCC Research, a publisher of technology market research reports based in Wellesley, Mass. In 2015/2016 we expect to see an annual growth of 18 per cent – this is fantastic news for anyone working in this space and provides massive opportunities for franchisees.

If you are interested in establishing a new business or converting to a successful franchise business model in the aesthetics or cosmetic industry, now is a great time to invest. A franchise provides an established business model which enjoys widespread brand-name recognition due to its association with proven treatments methods and service products. A franchise business can also offer significant opportunities and benefits including:

• Proven business concept and operating model;

• Established operating policies, procedures and standards;

• Lower statistical risk of failure and easier to obtain finance than starting a new business alone;

• Profitability through established brand equity and centralised marketing of the franchise;

• Shared marketing costs;

• Established customer base;

• Ongoing training;

• Increased buying power;

• Head office support;

• Assistance with problems which may arise from time to time in the course of business; and

• A team approach to business growth.

Australian Skin Clinics’ strong history has enabled us to hone our skills, system and business model. Our forward thinking mentality and organisational culture of innovation and excellence, has seen the company grow rapidly since opening our first franchise clinic just four years ago.

So what is the secret to running and maintaining a successful franchise business?

1. Look for a business model that is positioned for rapid and substantial growth

With consumer spend on cosmetic procedures and related treatments in Australia at over $1 billion, the mediaesthetics industry is well positioned for considerable growth over the next 12 months. Of all cosmetic procedures, antiwrinkle injections, cosmetic and dermal fillers, laser and IPL are on top of the list. Given that it is estimated that only one per cent of the population have experienced cosmetic injectables, the potential in this market is guaranteed to continue to grow.

2. Find a franchise that you are passionate about and one that has a strong brand image

Australian Skin Clinics was founded over nineteen years ago in 1996 and has maintained and continued to build upon its already recognised and trustworthy brand foundation. A modern franchise business will understand that brand image and reputation is just as important as the high
quality goods or services it provides to the market. This has, and continues to be a powerful asset to both the franchisor and franchisee.

3. Simple, strong and forward-thinking system

With any business you need to have solid systems that are maximised for efficiencies. Unfortunately this is not often fully established in many businesses, who choose to develop their policies progressively as the business evolves. This can take many hours of hard work and can be a costly exercise. Choose a business model that has everything in place eliminating this headache. These solid systems could include:

o Centralised and integrated computer systems and software;

o Systemised accounts and payroll;

o Benchmarking and performance management systems;

o Simplified administrative requirements allowing time to focus on the performance of the business;

o Communication, training and compliance portals; and

o Medically-approved treatment protocols for all services.

4. Ongoing training programs

Ensure the franchise business you choose has a heavy focus on training and compliance at the highest standard. This will not only allow you to up-skill, but will also ensure you and your team continue to grow professionally.

Training is one of the unique selling points of Australian Skin Clinics. Founded in Queensland, the company commenced operation in one of the most highly regulated states for laser licensing in Australia. As such, the company made a commitment to develop standards that aimed to exceed these requirements to ensure the highest quality service standards were set for the benefit of the client, setting the benchmark in the industry. Despite other states, including Victoria and New South Wales having no licensing regulations, Australian Skin Clinics enforces its training standards and protocols across all states to ensure consistent and high quality service is delivered across the brand.

5. Strong support by professionals

Investigate the network and ensure the franchise has a strong support system in place for franchisees. While some businesses aim to reduce expense by minimising support personnel, a successful franchise business will embrace the importance of setting a strong foundation and providing quality service to franchisees and thus clients.

Deb Farnworth-Wood is the founder and Managing Director of the Australian Skin Clinics franchise. She is an MBA graduate with incredible vision and passion for the aesthetics industry. While she has 20+ years’ experience in the management of large, complex and multi-disciplinary health care organisations, she also has significant experience in the multi-outlet retail sector.

Founded on the Gold Coast in 1996, Australian Skin Clinics is one of Australia’s original laser and skin rejuvenation clinics. Launched in 2011, the franchise company has achieved rapid expansion due to its successful business model and growing consumer demand for its services. Australian Skin Clinics’ mission is to make its customer’s look and feel fantastic about themselves.

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