Seven Steps to Marketing Yourself Like a Rockstar

Nicola Moras


We all get inspired by the confidence that oozes out of a rockstar when we see them on stage or performing. We love it when we see an artist step into their own, and we get taken a journey with them throughout their show – their mastery over their voice, their certainty and commitment to the performance. We all love it when a performance is done well.
Look at the specific examples of Freddie Mercury, Gwen Stefani and Madonna, they are icons, and they have ‘it’ – being magnetism and confidence. Best of all, it’s this that helps them to cultivate raving fans who throw their money at them for their music, their concerts and their merchandise.
Here’s how we can emulate this in our marketing and create our own raving fan culture.



1. Own your point of difference


The thing that makes people stand out is how they enhance and highlight their point of difference. For those of us who are marketing ourselves online, the main point of difference you have is yourself. When you look at your knowledge, your experience, your lifestyle and even the way you are (e.g. energetic or analytical) you can accentuate some of these features of you to stand out and be seen.


2. Create a rockstar mindset


Musicians know that for most of them, it takes a long time to ‘make it’ and they know that they’re going to need to persist. There are no quick fixes or magic pills when it comes to marketing yourself online. You need to choose to be positive about the fact that it requires you to be consistent and persistent. At times it will mean that you need to do something different and reinvent the way you show up online. A bit like Taylor Swift did when she transitioned from the country music genre to pop. Pivoting makes sense if what you’ve been doing isn’t working. It doesn’t make you a failure. Be brave like a rockstar, and share your opinions on the issues that are important to you and your audience.


3. Know your audience


AC/DC would be unlikely to play to the audience of an opera just like an opera singer is unlikely to wow the audience at a heavy metal concert. When it comes to your marketing, you’ve got to know who you’re talking to, so that they can enjoy what it is that you’re saying. Otherwise, it can come across like you’re shouting at them – and even worse, out of key!


4. Connect and engage with your audience


Every fan loves it when the lead singer of the band singles them out to speak to them on stage or catches their eye. There’s like a rush of adrenaline that goes through their body as they feel that connection. Your audience online can feel the same way about what you’re putting out there when you acknowledge them personally. Social media isn’t like a crowd of faceless humans. They are real people watching and listening to you. Help them feel connected by speaking with them, not at them.


5. Grow your presence strategically
When artists are trying to be heard and seen, they tend to play anywhere that they can get a gig, which isn’t very strategic. As we addressed in point number three, if you play your music in the wrong venue, you risk the rotten tomatoes being thrown at you – or worse, being booed off the stage. Be strategic about where you’re going to market yourself. If your audience is a professional one, then you’d be wise to invest some time in marketing yourself on LinkedIn. If they’re more relaxed and your products photograph beautifully I’d suggest looking at Instagram. Facebook is the only platform that I tell every business owner to be active on. There are 2.37 billion active monthly users, with 1.49 billion of these being daily active users. (source: I can guarantee you that there is enough of your ideal audience on that platform. You need to be on there.


6. Be consistent with your content
We don’t tend to fall in love with one-hit wonders and often think months down the track “who was it that sung that song? Can you remember”… we want to be remembered, and that’s going to need consistent content. Post daily and make sure that you’re adding value to your audience with the content that you’re putting up there.


7. Scale it and create community


Audiences love it when musicians create great concerts and merchandise. Shows bring people who all like the same thing together. It’s like a community is formed of people who all want the same thing. Creating communities online where your audience can get together is super important. Humans have a core desire to belong and to be with like minded people. Create space in your marketing to make this happen. Consider how you can scale your marketing by offering your audience a group or space to ‘hang out in online’. (Facebook groups are a great way of doing this). This is where your raving fans are going to come together and sing your praises. 


To market yourself like a rockstar, you’ve got to take on the mindset of a rockstar and emulate the way that they have built up their personal brand – this is where your marketing, your opinions and your content comes in. Have fun with it!



Nicola Moras is an online VISIBILITY expert and author of Visible, a guide for business owners on how to generate financial results from social media and digital marketing. Nicola helps clients around the world achieve visibility, impact and profits, enabling them to become ‘professionally famous’ online. Find out more at