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Special Feature – Fast Food Franchises – Issue 2#2

This article appeared in Issue 2#2 (Jan/Feb 2008) of Business Franchise Australia & New Zealand

Expanding menu in fast food franchises

Fast food franchising is a multi-billion dollar industry in Australia with more than 33,000 takeaway outlets open for business.  

From internationally renowned franchise brands like McDonalds, Subway and KFC to the emergence of Australian-grown franchises such as Trios, Healthy Habits and Go Sushi to name a few, the choice in fast food franchises is overwhelming.

The biggest change that has occurred in the fast food sector over recent years has been the move towards healthier options in response to consumers wanting not only convenience but healthier food options.

This growing trend for healthier eating has seen the more established fast food franchises such as McDonalds expand their menu. It has also seen new franchises enter the market, such as Trios, Healthy Habits and SumoSalad selling things like salads, sandwiches and wraps. 

Despite being a very competitive market, fast food franchises still remain among the most popular groups in franchising just look at the number of franchises operating in the food courts of major shopping centres across Australia.

Trios is the largest and fastest growing sandwich wrap franchise in the Southern Hemisphere and the fastest growing franchise network in Australia. Trios offer a unique food and flavour experience with its range of signature wraps and delicious fillings, salads and hot potatoes.

Since its establishment in 2002, Trios has opened 12 stores in Victoria and is looking to expand into Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia throughout 2008.

The company values its franchisees and is committed to ensuring their success and enjoyment in business by providing ongoing support and training.

Nando’s is a chain of flame-grilled, PERI-PERI chicken restaurants. Established in 1990, Nando’s has over 150 outlets across Australia and is seeking franchisees that have enthusiasm, a flair for hospitality and the ability to foster the Nando’s spirit.

Nando’s is looking to continue to build and grow the Nando’s brand by providing a great restaurant experience to customers and a first class business opportunity to franchisees.

Robust systems and support to franchisees, dynamic company culture, breakthrough marketing and a unique product are what differentiates Nando’s from its competition.

Established in 2003, Urban Burger is one of the original gourmet burger bars in Melbourne offering tasty burgers with fresh, quality ingredients. 

The Urban Burger group currently owns two company and four franchised stores in Melbourne and is looking to open a further four to six stores throughout Victoria in 2008 as well as push into interstate markets.

Franchisees are offered an established business with existing and strong turnover, fixed royalty fees, comprehensive induction and initial training and ongoing support to help grow and increase the profitability of the franchise.

Wendy’s Supa Sundaes sells an extraordinary selection of award-winning indulgent scoop ice creams, shakes, smoothies, chilla’s and hot dogs. The first Wendy’s was opened in Adelaide in 1997 and today there are 300 stores across Australia and New Zealand.

With 100 new stores planned to open over the next three years, Wendy’s is looking to recruit enthusiastic franchisees who are highly driven to build a successful business, passionate about customer service and want to have a hands-on approach in all areas of the business. 

Simplicity is the key to a Wendy’s franchise with no long hours spent preparing food or cleaning machines, stores trade during standard retail shopping hours and there is virtually no product wastage.

The wokinabox noodlebar concept was born out of the passion for food and the sensational tastes and flavours of the Asian culture. It offers customers the convenience of fast fresh food with the quality presentation of authentic cuisine.

The first wokinabox store was opened in South Australia in 2002 and has grown to 34 stores across Australia and New Zealand serving more than 25,000 customers per week.

wokinabox offers an established and proven award winning system, expanding franchisee network and strong business results. The franchise’s success is made possible through its healthy meal options, unique store setups and fresh tastes of Asia.

SumoSalad is a young, fun Australian brand providing healthy, nutritious and delicious fast food meal options that are affordable, convenient and made with only the freshest ingredients.

Founded in 2003, SumoSalad has 40 outlets across Australia, Dubai and the United Kingdom. The business is looking to further grow the brand in Australia and overseas markets and is looking to recruit franchisees that are hardworking, entrepreneurial and are interested in personal wellbeing.

There are 348 franchised Pizza Hut outlets in Australia and New Zealand serving a range of quality pizzas. The company started in Australia in 1971 and has predominantly been a franchise business in all states except New South Wales and Queensland. In recent years Pizza Hut has been franchising corporate stores and expects to complete the sale of all corporate businesses in 2008.

To achieve its goal to open more outlets across Australia, Pizza Hut is looking to recruit franchisees that want to be a hands on operator/owner, have a high level of personal motivation and are committed to customer service. A background in small business, food and hospitality are desirable but not essential as extensive training is provided in all aspects of the business.

CHOOKS fresh & tasty is an Australian owned fast food chicken franchise chain that is dedicated to providing the freshest and tastiest barbecue and fried chicken, chicken nuggets, chicken burgers/rolls and chips to customers.

Having both fried and barbecue chicken gives CHOOKS a competitive advantage and differentiates it from its competition that generally specialises in either type but not both.

Established in Western Australia in 1991, Chooks now has 35 outlets in Western Australia and four in Queensland and aims to have 45 stores by mid 2008. To achieve this goal the company is looking for franchisees that are enthusiastic, have some business knowledge and family support.

Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar is an exciting new pizza franchise that offers customers quality gourmet pizzas, great service and fast home delivery. The first Crust outlet was opened in Sydney in 2001 and today there are 16 outlets in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The Crust competitive advantage is built on three principles: high product quality, high volume and fast delivery. Extensive training and support provide franchisees with the tools required to build earnings by living up to the Crust promise of great pizza with fast free delivery. 

The three key attributes that Crust look for in potential franchisees are a strong commitment to excellence in customer service, entrepreneurial drive and ambition, and a passion to maximise a store’s potential.

Established in 1995, Cake It Away is an innovative franchise blending the best of the patisserie and baking professions together. Cake It Away outlets produce a wide range of mouth-watering speciality cakes, desserts, pastries, quiches and savoury pies which are baked on the premises.

Cake It Away has 14 outlets in New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory and plans to open another three stores and possibly two café style stores during 2008.

Potential franchisees are offered a turn key operation with proven operational procedures and management systems, initial training program and on-going support. They also benefit from superior purchasing power and enjoy no early starts or late finishes.

Go Sushi offers customers a fast, healthy, takeaway sushi that is made fresh daily on the premises. Outlets sell 18 different varieties of sushi as well as salads, inari, drinks, mixed packs and seasonal products such as hot Asian Dumplings.

The business was founded in 1990 and commenced franchising in late 2002 and today there are 24 Go Sushi outlets operating in New South Wales, Queensland and the ACT. 

Go Sushi plans to continue to grow by opening up stores in regional and suburban centres, extending its menu and concentrating on delivering quality fresh healthy products to an increasing customer base.

A healthy burger experience is what you’ll find at Grill’d which offers a range of healthy, meal-sized beef, chicken breast, lamb and veggie burgers that have been made using the highest quality and freshest ingredients.

The first Grill’d restaurant was opened in Melbourne in 2004 and two years later the first franchise store was opened also in Melbourne. All restaurants are open seven days a week for lunch and dinner and offer in-store dining and take-away. 

There are currently five franchised and seven company stores operating in Melbourne and Brisbane and plans to have 25 stores by the end of 2008. 

Branding, store design, teamwork, customer service and a strong culture sets Grill’d apart from its competitors. Grill’d offers franchisees a proven business model with a real competitive advantage and strong customer appeal that capitalises on the shift towards healthy, great tasting and convenient meal solutions.

Healthy Habits is Australia’s number one sandwich bar brand and a leader in healthy, made-to-order sandwiches. Its menu also extends to salads, yoghurts, healthy snacks and drinks.

With an annual turnover of $22million plus, the Healthy Habits group has 27 stores operating nationally and aims to have 50 stores by the end of 2008.

The key attributes that Healthy Habits looks for in potential franchisees are strong business ethics, passionate about the brand and belief in the product, hard working and motivated to achieve success.

Bucking Bull is a boutique carvery located in shopping centre food courts across Australia.  Bucking Bull serves succulent roast meats and vegetables which are prepared and cooked daily on the premises. 

Established in 1999, Bucking Bull currently has 24 outlets in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia. It is currently securing a number of new stores in highly sought after shopping centres in capital and regional centres across Australia.

Bucking Bull’s success is attributed to two essential business principles – firstly providing customers with exceptional quality and choice at affordable prices, and secondly assisting franchise owners reach their goals by providing continuous training, support and coaching in key business management issues.

Red Rooster is an Australian owned icon brand that has build its success on great tasting, high quality, freshly prepared oven roasted chicken, chips, healthy baguettes and salads, plus delicious burgers and wraps. 

The first Red Rooster store was opened in 1972 in Western Australia and today there are over 360 stores employing around 5000 staff and serving over 15 million chickens a year.

Franchisees receive 12 weeks of full-time comprehensive training before they open their store. Ongoing training and support are an integral part of the Red Rooster Franchise System along with comprehensive operational and procedural manuals, marketing and advertising campaigns. Assistance is provided in finding a store location, negotiating contracts and lease agreements.

Ali Baba is an Australian-owned chain providing tasty, healthy and delicious K’babs and wraps. The first outlet was opened in Canberra in 1979 and the success of the business has seen the number of outlets expand to around 40 nationally.

Quality management and strong customer focus have been critical to the growth of the chain as well as making the franchise a rewarding experience.

An iconic fast food brand, McDonalds opened its first Australian restaurant in Sydney in 1971. The success of the brand has seen the number of outlets grow to 730 restaurants nationwide employing more than 56,000 people.

More than one million people visit McDonalds every day for quick service, value for money, quality ingredients and menu ranges including healthy choices.

McDonalds has always been a franchise operation and its success is linked strongly to its franchisees and so looks for highly qualified individuals to join its franchise network.

Hungry Jack’s is a franchise of the international Burger King Corporation and has operated in Australia since 1971. Today there are over 300 Hungry Jack’s outlets serving up a wide range of burgers, baguettes, salads, fries, nuggets, onion rings, desserts, drinks and a breakfast menu including pancakes, hashbrowns and muffins.

Hungry Jack’s has franchise opportunities available as part of its expansion plans and is looking to recruit franchisees who want to succeed, have strong leadership, good customer service skills and administration skills. 

The Hungry Jack’s franchise support system provides ongoing training and support. Comprehensive training is conducted in both the classroom and restaurant. Franchisees receive assistance in site location, the recruiting and training of staff and operational support.