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Spring Clean your Home & Business

Owning your own home or business is part of the big Australian dream. We aspire to it, plan for it and save for it. Then, once we have achieved it, we take a great amount of pride, and spend a significant amount of money, on cleaning, maintaining and improving our most prized possession.

Whether it is cleaning, building maintenance, putting in a new pool, trimming the lawn, or even fixing the cracks in the garden path – our homes and businesses are in constant need of attention. Australia’s love of beautiful homes and gardens mean big business. Luckily, for the home and business owner and the vast number of franchises that service these, we often turn to professionals to help us maintain our properties.

The domestic and commercial building, maintenance, cleaning and landscape industry has adapted to consumer demand. People are busier today than ever before. They have less time for maintenance and small projects around the home. It is easier for people to contract out the jobs to capable businesses than spend the time and money trying to do it themselves. This has resulted in a growth market for small business owners, including franchisees, to step in and complete these tasks once done by owners themselves.

A brand you can trust

As the building, cleaning and landscape jobs required usually take place on our property and in our home, we want someone we know and can trust. A franchisee who lives locally and works for a well-respected brand appeals to us. We  know the name of the franchise, it has most likely been recommended by a neighbour or friend, and once we take the first step and call the local franchisee to install our kerbs or repair our roof, chances are we put their business card on  our fridge and call them every time we have a similar project or repair. This is assuming they deliver a high quality product with the best customer service. With so much money being spent on property renovation and maintenance, as well  as cleaning, gardening and landscaping, the franchises that offer these services are thriving. If working with  your hands appeals to you and you have background in building, construction, gardening or other trade related skills, or you have just decided it is time for a change, the opportunities available in this sector of franchising are nearly limitless.

There is a franchise system to cover nearly every area of the building, cleaning and landscape industry. Specific franchise systems include, but are certainly not limited to, kerb installation, building maintenance and safety, home waterproofing, shed construction, pavement crack repair, antenna installation, mowing, fencing, roofing and landscape maintenance.

Add to this the professional services of mortgage brokers, real estate agents and property inspectors and there is certainly a wide market appeal.

Growth sectors

The $3.5 billion building industry is one that is leading the way. A steady rise in home-building approvals, has led to increased building activity, and outstanding opportunities for construction and design companies to take on franchise  partners. The market for home improvements in Australia is also big business. Many of us are feeling the pinch of rising costs of living coupled with uncertainty within the real estate market, and are choosing to renovate rather than move.

Australians have always been passionate about home renovation and improvements, but even the do-it-yourself renovators often require the assistance of professional experts. Recent Australian Bureau of Statistic figures show the trend in home renovations is increasing and that the sector is currently valued at around $550 million. The cleaning services industry expects an increase of 2.2 per cent for the year with expected projections of $4.3 billion, according to IBISWorld.

Building towards a brighter future

One of the biggest appeals toward this type of franchise for many new and potential franchisees is the fact that you get to enjoy the flexibility of making your own hours and you spend a great deal of your time outdoors.

Although there is the administration side of things, bills to be paid, marketing strategies to implement and business plans to be reviewed, the majority of your time will be spent on location, helping people to enhance and maintain their homes and their property.

In buying a franchise, the difficult side of establishing the business and developing operational procedures has already been done for you.

This allows you to get straight to work finding your customers and then delivering top quality products and excellent customer service.

This allows you to choose the particular franchise system that most aligns with your passions, knowing that the demand for your product exists and the tools necessary to find, generate and keep your customers are already in place.

So in considering a career in the building, cleaning and landscape sector of franchising… remember it is just as important to build relationships, build trust with your customers and build your business with the assistance of the franchisor.

Franchising is not a guaranteed path to success, but it is however a solid formula, based upon tried and tested systems, that can pave the way for the right franchisee to achieve success.