Territories for B2B businesses…


Many businesses we deal with are structured at marketing to other businesses (Business to Business – B2B), and therefore the logic of how to establish a territory that is normally used when you sell to consumers (Business to Consumer – B2C) goes out the window.

Many B2B businesses sell a product, the likes of printing companies such as SNAP and KwikKopy, and many sell a service. The service may be couriers such as Fastway, changing office light bulbs, or providing business loans or business insurance. Both products-based and
serviced-based franchises normally need to give a territory, especially if there is central ordering, and jobs are allocated to franchisees. You want to be sure you receive all the jobs you are entitled to!

The core thinking in this type of business is we want to know where the customers – other businesses are, rather than where people live.

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