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The Anatomy of a Brand

Anatomy Co-Directors Matt John and Katherine Ruiz share insight into how branding can drive meaningful connections and has even led to business growth during covid for their hospitality clients. 

The resilience and adaptability of the Australian hospitality sector throughout the pandemic is truly commendable, and something that Anatomy Studios directors could see would be a “make or break” time for many in the industry.  

Branding and incubator agency Anatomy Studios specialises in retail FMCG food and QSR brands, which contributes to 70% of Anatomy’s revenue. The agency acted quickly to ensure their client base pivoted where necessary and leveraged highly relevant and engaging strategies as a means of safeguarding income for both client and the Anatomy studio itself.  


About Anatomy Studios 

Anatomy studios is a branding studio with offices in Melbourne and Sydney. Anatomy Studios believes that the world doesn’t need another product or service. It needs brands with a message to inspire change.  

Anatomy work with brands that are brave enough to stand out for what they stand for.