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Time is money – don’t waste it!

Time is money – don’t waste it!

Process. Some of us love it, some of us hate it. Either way, it is necessary to ensure HR runs efficiently and is compliant.

Process usually lets us down in the HR space when it gets employees, managers and business owners feeling that “it is too hard”, or “it takes too long”. And let’s face it, HR for many can be stressful, time consuming and a chore. But it doesn’t have to be….

In my time as an HR Specialist, I have quickly learnt that the only way to combat the feelings of “it’s too hard” or “I don’t have time” is to get streamlining with systems and processes.

The introduction of HR management software has increasingly changed the way in which HR functions within a business and how once haphazard and antiquated systems and processes are managed. Gone (hopefully!) are the days of excel spreadsheets, manila folders and paper shuffled from desk to desk. If you want to achieve optimal productivity in this day and age, implementing an online HR Management system is key.

Cloud based online HR information systems (HRIS) have changed the landscape of HR in many ways. The forward momentum that technology has introduced into the HR space has not only diversified the offering that HR brings to a business, but has meant that smaller business and franchises can now too reap the benefits of such systems which were once kept only for the big fish. With specially designed online HR platforms in the SME space, keeping on top of HR has never been easier.

One of the key benefits to implementing an HRIS is centralisation. Everything you need in the one place. Sounds like a dream, I know! Cloud based HRIS allow you to manage the full employee lifecycle from recruitment, induction, training and performance reviews right through to exiting an employee all in the one place. Not only is this great for increasing efficiency, it enables access to vital information at the drop of a hat, anywhere, anytime – essential not only for you as a business owner but for your staff as well. With all kinds of information so readily available these days, it makes sense to follow suit when it comes to HR.

With centralisation of data and processes comes a reduction in the manual nature of HR related tasks. I dread to think of the number of owners, managers and HR staff that have a pile of paper leave forms sitting on their desk waiting to be processed. Or performance review forms waiting to be filed away in personnel files. Time spent pushing paper and managing manual processes can be better spent enriching and growing your business and engaging your employees. It is time to get rid of that paper weight and throw away that filing cabinet, and bring your HR processes into the 21st century.

What I believe is the most important way in which a cloud based HRIS can transform your business is in helping to reduce and manage risk. With legislation increasing since the passing of the Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Bill 2017 (I know you have heard of it!), managing risk as a small business and franchisor is becoming increasingly important. Cloud based HRIS help to manage this risk by confirming compliance and by providing audit trails; whether that be policy sign off, completion of online training or tracking of important qualifications. In times of a legal dispute, don’t waste time searching through piles of paper in an employee’s personnel file to see if they signed off on a particular policy, you can simply check your online system.

Aside from the benefits in reducing risk, HRIS systems implemented across a franchise network can also bring your network together (and I don’t mean in the way of having everyone singing kumbaya in the courtyard…). It will create consistency in HR practices and documentation, make accessing information as a franchisor easier, and ensures that your brand is supported and reputation in the marketplace protected. And when HR isn’t your specialty, or you don’t have HR support for franchisees at the Head Office level, your best bet is to partner with a company and a system that will provide you with that peace of mind to help you sleep soundly at night.

For all those data nerds out there, an online HRIS can feel like being a child in a candy shop. Think of all that data at your fingertips just waiting to be analysed. Transform the way in which you analyse and leverage data through your HRIS. Whether you want to identify trends in how personal leave is being taken or track employee turnover, having the data to analyse provides the ability to delve deeper, make informed decisions and identify opportunities for improvement.

Any business owner will know that time is money. And what could be more valuable than your time. Although it can be difficult to measure, utilising an online HRIS will increase efficiency and productivity, which correlates directly to cost savings. Aside from the obvious savings, less tangible savings really are the cherry on top. There is immense value in having data at your fingertips for analysis and in creating improved communication and employee experiences. And in a world where one of the most frustrating experiences is not being able to access information, or having to wait to receive information (insert any computer or phone based loading icon here…I can feel you tense up already!) we need to keep up. Time and cost savings – it just makes good business sense.

Another benefit to implementing an online HRIS is in the ability to improve communication within your business. This communication is not only in the ability to send memo’s or news across the office in one go, but also in making employee information accessible via indirect communication – leave balances, salary and other benefit or compensation data. The greater communication and transparency is in your business, the happier and more productive your team will be, and the happier and more positive the culture.

Last but not least, online HRIS ensure your business has top notch data security. HR documentation is often confidential, and needs to stay that way. Although filing cabinets can be kept locked, they still don’t have the same level of security that a cloud based system can offer. Threats to security don’t only come in the form of snooping employees or lost keys, but what about in the case of a disaster? Hard copy files can be swept away in a flood or destroyed by a fire. Most cloud based HR systems will back up your information and give you peace of mind that you can meet your tax and other compliance obligations.

The way forward with HR is changing, once a paper shuffle, now a holistic well-oiled online machine. So, stop wasting time in Excel and throw out all those paper files (but only once they are on the cloud!).

Leisa Rennie joined HR Central in April 2016, after the acquisition of Melbourne based HR Consultancy, People Dynamics. Her experience, combined with practical and analytical nature has contributed greatly to the team, and Leisa is a valued and respected advisor to the increasing HR Central client base.

HR Central are experienced providers of HR solutions to the Franchise sector. Their subscription based solution is a combination of both software to manage the administration side of HR, and a support helpdesk for HR specialist advice. HR Central partner with you to increase productivity within your business, and to assist with compliancy around HR legislation, thus minimising risk to pocket and reputation.

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