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Using Consultants to Improve Your Franchise

Consultants need to have a defined purpose if they are to benefit you. They should be an investment in your business to improve it and generate a few times their costs. If you think of using a consultant as an expense, you have the wrong approach. Think of it as an investment to generate a good return for your dollar, and then you are heading in the right direction.

Many of the big names of the franchise industry, in their semi-retirement, hang out the shingle to offer their services to anyone who believes their story and also become a ‘consultant’. Interesting how their views on consultants can change!

Whether you are a franchisor or a franchisee, the offer of a ‘let me make it right for you’ solution can be either an effective fix or an expensive exercise for your business.


Peter Buckingham is the Managing Director of Spectrum Analysis Australia Pty Ltd, a Geodemographic and statistical consultancy. Peter is the Go-To person as to where to open new stores in Australia. Peter is both a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) and a Certified Management Consultant (CMC).

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