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Your Customers Have Changed – But Have You?

In the early days of e-commerce and online shopping, businesses were asking the question, “How can we make our website customer experience as good as the ‘real world’ experience?” Now it’s precisely the other way around. In the world of smartphones, social media, free shipping, online reviews, and a global marketplace, businesses are now facing the opposite challenge: How can you make your in-person experience as good as the online experience?

The fact is, your customers have changed. The question is: Have you?

Here are five key things customers do differently now.

Gihan Perera is a business futurist, speaker, and author who works with business leaders to help them lead and succeed in an uncertain but exciting future. He is the author of “Disruption By Design: Leading the change in a fast-changing world” (RRP $33). For more about how Gihan can work with your leaders and teams, visit